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There’s nothing quite like a bohemian rug to tie a room together. These eclectic and colorful creations can add texture, warmth, and vibrancy to any space, making them the perfect addition to any home that’s in need of a little personality. But with so many types and designs of bohemian rugs out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you choose the perfect bohemian rug for your home.

What is a Bohemian Rug?

First things first, let’s define what we mean by a bohemian rug. Bohemian rugs are characterized by their colorful designs, unique patterns, and mix of textures. These rugs often incorporate elements from a variety of cultures and styles, including ethnic, tribal, and vintage designs. They are typically made from natural, sustainable materials like wool, cotton, or jute, and are often hand-woven by skilled artisans.

Choosing The Right Size

When it comes to choosing the right bohemian rug for your home, size is key. You’ll want to choose a rug that fits comfortably in the space you’re working with, without overwhelming the room or looking too small. Generally speaking, larger rugs work better in larger rooms, while smaller rugs are better suited for cozy nooks and smaller spaces. As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to have at least 12 inches of space between the rug and the walls on all sides.

Picking The Perfect Pattern

One of the most exciting things about bohemian rugs is the huge variety of patterns and designs to choose from. From geometric prints to floral designs, there’s something for every taste and style. When selecting a pattern, it’s important to consider the overall vibe of the room and the other decor elements you’ll be incorporating. If your room is already quite busy or colorful, a simpler pattern may be a better choice, while a bold pattern can add a fun pop of color to a more neutral space.

Persian-Inspired Bohemian Rugs

Persian-inspired rugs are known for their intricate patterns, warm colors, and delicate craftsmanship. These rugs are perfect for adding a touch of vintage luxury to any room. A Persian-inspired bohemian rug can create a focal point in your living room or bedroom, especially when paired with neutral or muted colors. The intricate patterns of these rugs also help to add texture and depth to space.

 Geometric Bohemian Rugs

Geometric rugs are a more modern take on the bohemian style. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs, from chevrons and triangles to zig-zags and diamonds. These rugs are perfect for adding bold and vibrant colors to your home. They look spectacular in minimalist settings or paired with white walls and furniture. Geometric bohemian rugs also add a touch of playfulness to your home decor.

 Natural-Fiber Bohemian Rugs

Natural-fiber rugs are the perfect choice for homeowners who prefer a more organic and sustainable approach to their home decor. These rugs are made from materials like jute, sisal, and seagrass, and they come in different textures and colors. Natural-fiber bohemian rugs are ideal for use in any room and are great for adding texture and warmth to space. They work well with all types of furniture and decorating styles.

Layering Rugs

For an added touch of boho chic, consider layering your bohemian rug with other rugs or textiles. This can create a cozy, lived-in look and add extra dimension and texture to your space. To achieve the perfect layered look, choose rugs with complementary patterns and colors that complement each other. Layering a smaller rug on top of a larger one can also help to break up larger spaces into separate zones.

Caring For Your Bohemian Rug

To keep your bohemian rug looking beautiful for years to come, it’s important to take good care of it. Be sure to vacuum your rug regularly to remove dirt and dust, and spot-clean any spills or stains as soon as they occur. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as this can damage the fibers and colors of your rug. When storing your rug, roll it up tightly and store it in a dry, cool place.

Vintage bohemian rugs are another great option for adding a unique touch to your home. These rugs are usually one of a kind and have a history that adds character to space. Vintage bohemian rugs come in various patterns, colors, and sizes, ranging from bold and bright to muted and pastel. They work well in eclectic and bohemian decor styles and are perfect for adding a touch of storytelling to your home decor.


Bohemian rugs can be the perfect finishing touch to any home, adding warmth, texture, and personality. By following these tips and guidelines for choosing, sizing, and caring for your rug, you’ll be able to enjoy its beauty and charm for many years to come. So why not add a touch of boho chic to your home today?

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