Blurry Paige Drops “Right Here,” a Track Highlighting the Anxieties of Performing

Enter the world of the multitalented artist Blurry Paige. Known for her prowess as a singer, instrumentalist, and producer, she has just released her latest track, Right Here.

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Multitalented singer, instrumentalist, and producer Blurry Paige has dropped her newest track, “Right Here,” highlighting the side of performing that the audience doesn’t always get to see.

The song expresses the anxiety experienced before getting on stage to perform and how it feels to overcome stage fright. The sound of just a metronome behind the vocals of the first verse evokes a sense of anticipation, as if a clock is ticking back and forth, waiting to go on stage. The electric guitar entry in the pre-chorus symbolizes the feeling of your heart racing, and then the chorus explodes in the deep end and steps on stage. “Right Here” is a must-add to your pop-rock pick-me-ups playlist.

“‘Right Here’ is about stage fright and what it means to overcome it. You know when you can feel your heartbeat in your ears? You’re not in danger, but your body thinks you are. For me, it’s easier to go through that than to not play music anymore. That’s what this song is about.” – Blurry Paige

Blurry Paige is an eclectic and talented artist, seamlessly combining emotional lyrics with exciting and unique instrumentals. She effortlessly creates a new type of music, weaving in real-life stories and experiences with a melting pot of elements from different genres. Blurry began her music career at a young age, using songwriting as a way to escape from her mental health struggles. Her emotional outlet quickly became a passion, and she knew she wanted to tell her stories through music. Blurry has committed to authenticity and giving back, sitting on the board of the Texas Music Project and collaborating with many charitable organizations. Her goal is to always stay true to herself and create music that her listeners can really feel connected to, “Right Here” is no different. You can stream Blurry Paige’s new song “Right Here” below, and be sure to follow her on Instagram and TikTok @blurrypaige.

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