Blue Rose Brings Us Back To Our Roots in New Single “Somethin’ Good”

Blue Rose's latest single "Somethin' Good" provides a nostalgic feel, bringing listeners back to their roots.

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Country duo Blue Rose have released their latest single, “Somethin’ Good,” a nostalgic, country-pop track that makes you sit back and think about your life.

The catchy and peaceful guitar instrumental provided by Marcus Gebauer,  allows the listener to really focus on what the lyrics are saying and apply them to their own experiences. Evoking a sense of sentimentality, “Somethin’ Good” feels like the perfect song to play in the car with the windows down on a hot summer day. 

“I wrote this song during a tough period in my life when I felt down and alone, like I couldn’t catch a break. The message of the song is one of hope – a universal ‘we’ve all been there’ and that the sun always does rise again.” – Jori Griffith

Duo Jori Griffith and Marcus Gebauer, professionally known as Blue Rose and based out of Chicago, create music that really speaks to their listeners through expressive and relatable lyrics. Griffith and Gebauer write what they feel and strive to inspire their audience. Self-described as “Think new pop country with an old soul, this song is the uplifting message to which anyone can relate.” This track is a must-add to your summer country jams and can easily fill a slot between Maren Morris and Kacey Musgraves. 

Stream “Somethin’ Good” below and follow Blue Rose on Instagram @blue_rose_band!

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