Blake English Just Wants To Be “Cool” On Catchy New Release

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Blake English, self-described pop-punk-theatre artist, has released his newest single, “Cool.” Through sleek pop production and clever lyrics, English remembers what it was like keeping up with his glamorous, Hollywood friends on his rise to fame. The instantly stuck in your head melody can be heard on all streaming platforms now.

Written after a party in the glamorous Hollywood Hills, “Cool” tells the story of many up-and-coming artists and those trying to fake it until they make it. Blake English was inspired by the fact that he was surrounded by successful figures in the entertainment industry while still trying to catch his big break. “It basically goes through my journey of maintaining my authenticity while also doing things to pander to the fame life,” explains English. Produced by K-Pop and J-Pop heavy hitters, SOFTSERVEBOY (Gwen Stefani, EXO-CBX, Eric Nam) and Sqvare (Monsta X), the song has a sleek, fresh pop sound while still maintaining English’s punk-influenced edge. This influence can be heard in the lyrics as well, contrasting witty cynicism and sarcasm with honesty and vulnerability in lines such as, “One’n up with my last pay stub; it’s fine I’m really fine I’m really fine…. done some things I regret, but for some fame, I’ll forget.” English’s avid fan base will find his newest release stuck in their heads and instantly relatable.

Born and raised in Athens, Georgia, and currently residing in Los Angeles, Blake English was trained in acting, singing, and dance, making him an experienced musician, and even more so – an entertaining and energetic performer. He’s proven these electric performance skills through headlining events for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, playing SXSW, and doing three national tours. English finds inspiration both sonically and visually in the more theatrical music legends such as David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Marilyn Manson, and Lady Gaga, giving nods to groups such as My Chemical Romance as well. Citing Gaga as his most prominent inspiration not only because of her expressive artistry and talent but because of her kind heart and empowering message, English aims to be the same kind of artist, a thought-provoking, and definitive change for good.

While “Cool” is, on the surface, an incredibly catchy pop song, English is also singing a vital reminder to hold on to your authenticity in a modern, flashy world.

This newest release can be heard on all digital music platforms worldwide.

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