BIRTHE Infuses Summer Vibes On New Track ‘Strangers’

As the sun starts to shine brighter and the days get longer, there's nothing quite like the feeling of summer in the air. And what better way to complement those warm vibes than with some fresh new music? Belgium-based singer-songwriter BIRTHE is here to deliver just that with her latest single, ‘Strangers’.

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Belgium-based singer-songwriter BIRTHE returns with her latest single ‘Strangers’. She is an emerging music talent who is gearing up for the most significant year of her career as a singer to date. She combines strings and wind instruments in a contemporary way within the pop and soul genre.

strangers by birthe

Driven by creativity and exploring new sounds aiming to connect with her audience on a deeper level, BIRTHE displays the vulnerability and truth behind her lyrics with each release. The summery vibes on the production are paired with BIRTHE’s alluring vocals to create a passionate experience for the listener.

A year ago, when BIRTHE was improvising some lyrics while cooking, she wrote the chorus. Later, during a composition session with her producer OSKI, the verses were written. She perfectly displays her versatility as a songstress on ‘Strangers’.

‘Strangers’ embodies the autobiographical story of being in a toxic relationship with its self-reflecting lyrics and poignant instrumentation. The track features drums, percussion (Conga), bass, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, and piano on the production, along with BIRTHE’s captivating vocals.

The single showcases BIRTHE’s exceptional vocals to create this energetic tune with a distinctive sound. The Latin-pop offering embraces the resonating experience in a cheeky way that the listener can dance along to, transporting listeners into a realm of enchanting soundscapes.

On the release, BIRTHE comments, “’Strangers’ is about toxicity within a relationship. It tells the process of attracting and repelling each other, and ultimately letting go.”

BIRTHE’s discography speaks for itself with her impressive record of achievements, it is anticipated that she will achieve even more success in the music industry in 2024. Accumulating press coverage across Mystic Sons, Lock Magazine, Curious for Music, PureMzine, and international radio spins in the UK, Europe and Canada, BIRTHE has presented herself as an exciting musical talent with much promise for the future.

BIRTHE will play this summer on several Belgian stages, such as Boomfest, the Mainstage of Rijvers Festival, the brand-new Middelkerke casino, and many more. Visit her website for the most recent news and information on BIRTHE.

BIRTHE - Strangers

Live Dates

June 8: Ursel Fair

July 18: Bavet Carpet Ostend

August 2: Donk Concerts

August 10: Casino Middelkerke

August 17: Rijvers Festival

September 7: Boomfest

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