Best Countries for Culinary Tours

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What could be better than a vacation that combines travel and food? Culinary tours do just that, teaching you about the culture of your destination by allowing you to experience the country’s cuisine. Every country has its own unique food and drink, and you’ll have the chance to experience it when you visit any of these best countries for culinary tours.


If you’re looking for excellent, classic food, Italy is one of the best destinations you can visit. Italy is best known for its pizza and pasta, which it arguably does better than any other country. Italians pride themselves on their cuisine and on using only the finest ingredients in their meals, so anything you eat in Italy is sure to be delicious.


Indian cuisine is a great choice if you enjoy spicy, flavorful foods. It’s also a great place to take a culinary tour since the cuisine differs from one area of the country to another. In the southern parts of the country, you’ll find foods with spicy, coconutty flavors, while in northern areas, you’re more likely to find creamy, nut-flavored foods. Traveling the country on a food tour will allow you to try each variation of Indian food.


France is lauded as one of the countries with the best food and wine. On a culinary tour of France, you’ll be able to try a variety of French foods and wines, including authentic champagne and France’s celebrated Burgundy wine. On a French culinary tour, you can also learn to make French foods on your own—a skill that will continue to serve you even after your trip.


Mexican food is popular throughout the world, but nothing compares to trying the real deal in Mexico. Tacos, quesadillas, and foods containing beans and corn are all common in Mexico. The food is spicy, colorful, and will give your tastebuds an experience they won’t soon forget!


Thai food offers a variety of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy flavors, all packed into one cuisine. Taking a food tour in Thailand will give you the authentic experience of Thai food, not the diluted version that is usually provided for tourists in other countries. Pad Thai, one of the most well-known Thai foods, as well as other Thai curries and soups, will give you a delicious sampling of Thailand’s best foods and flavors.

Next time you have the chance to travel, consider going on a food tour in one of these best countries for culinary tours. You’ll have the chance to sample food and wine from different countries and cultures, learn about how food and drink are made and have the opportunity to make some of a country’s best meals yourself. You may even discover a new favorite cuisine during your travels!

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