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Ben Hazlewood Releases Music Video for “Sail Away”

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Up and coming Australian-based pop artist Ben Hazlewood released his much-anticipated music video for his single ‘Sail Away’ July 12 on Yahoo Music.

The hazy video illustrates the product of a rum-filled night mixed with intense emotion, caused by a great loss.  ‘Sail Away’ is the second release from Hazlewood’s 5-track EP EOS, which streamed on Purevolume in May, and is available at all digital retailers and streaming platforms.

The video for ‘Sail Away’ shows the fear and desperation of trying to reach out to someone in distress. The visual of water and it’s immense natural power symbolizes the separation and loss of persuasion in the moving tide.” — Ben Hazlewood 

Additionally, last month Hazlewood debuted a video to go alongside his single “Darkest Hour“, the third track off of EOS. The video is a series of clips from current and past events that have happened in the LGBTQ community all strung together to show that love still exists, despite all of the hate. Check out “Darkest Hour” here.

“This song is a reminder that through the darkness there is still light and strength within you to keep the fight alive. The video is a celebration of the LGBT community and everything that’s been achieved throughout the years working together to support each other as a community. A tribute to all the people that have paved the way for the future generations to grow and live with more love, understanding and acceptance.” — Ben Hazlewood


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About Ben Hazlewood
Ben Hazlewood is a fiercely independent singer and songwriter who has the experience of someone twice his age, and a broad love of music that makes his own something timeless and wholly distinctive amidst a sea of aspiring voices.
Hazlewood’s EP, Vanta, was released on June 3rd, 2016 and featured the singles “Wanted” and “Paint Me Black ft. Mali Koa Hood“. Tracks from the EP were also featured in a series of live recordings from Ocean Way in Nashville which earned Hazlewood the acclaim of “one of the best vocal performances of the entire decade” from PopDust.
Ben’s follow up EP, EOS, premiered on Purevolume on May 4th, 2017. The Australia-based singer views the two EPs as a collective album.

“Eos is the Greek goddess of dawn. The theme behind these two EPs is it’s always darkest before the dawn. The instrumentals and lyrics throughout Eos highlight the hope and peace in an otherwise dark and desperate place. There is always some light to hold on to no matter how faint it is.” -Ben Hazlewood

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