Becoming Young Drops Motivational Pop Anthem

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Brandon Calano AKA Becoming Young has made his return with his newest song, “Kingdoms Will Know.” This soon-to-be pop hit brings listeners a new wave of motivation and positivity in a time where that may be desperately needed. Starting with soft vocals, this song quickly progresses into an all-out triumphant anthem. This song is a must add to your “driving with the windows down and the volume all the way up” playlist.

With advice from his sister, Calano decided to write a song for himself. When writing this empowering song he had this to say; “No one remembers people who just ‘win’ all the time. But the folks who were kicked when they were down, yet still got up to fight—those are the heroes that people remember long after their time on the earth. Hence the final line of the song, ‘Kingdoms will know your story.’”

“Kingdoms Will Know” allows the listeners three minutes and two seconds of worry-free headspace. From the catchy melodies to the exciting beat, Becoming Young’s newest song will have you feeling young again. “Writing this song felt like getting up and fighting the good fight,” and just as Calano said, listeners are inspired to keep fighting and to continue being unstoppable, as those words are echoed throughout the chorus.

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