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Loving yourself does not make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible – And that happens when you don’t have to conform to a media propagated standard of beauty, you don’t have to be ‘perfect’ to deserve the kind of love you so freely give to others.

However, with each new wrinkle that forms, most of us start to see the truth in the saying that youth was wasted on the young. Even though there is no definite key to avoid breakouts and maintain the originally pristine skin, there are however umpteenth ways that can help you put your best face forward.

Ever pondered over how all that is going on in our life seems to reflect on our face? If we’re strained, we become susceptible to breakout and dark circles under our eyes with droopy eyelids.
Likewise, if we’re dehydrated, our skin looks parched, blistered and flaky. Then again, if we’re feeling low, our face appears pale. Moreover, as you eat or drink in greater portions, you wake up having a puffy face. To sum it up, the list goes on and on!

In today’s era when people seem to be struggling for ‘aesthetic perfection’, a positive new movement is encouraging them to open up and embrace their respective skin ailments. The wild winds of change have set in ever since, as people are now embracing their “flawed” skins. It’s okay not to be okay, after all!

It is pertinent to mention here that stress and diet take a toll on our health, wellbeing and appearance, simultaneously.

While hair experts and dermatologists may be your go-to people, here is a list of tips that can help combat skin related issues. Let’s get our notions clear before we pass judgments: Acne does not warrant that you have poor hygiene. Sometimes, you can do everything right but your skin is still ace-prone. Why? Because it’s in your genes.

Here are a few important lifestyle adjustments that can help you maintain an overall healthy glowing skin inside out.

Quit smoking
Studies reveal smoking leads to premature aging and wrinkles, whilst giving your skin an unhealthy yellow pallor.

Avoid the sun
It is pertinent to mention here that we all need a little bit of sunshine to curb vitamin D deficiencies if any, but at the same time, the scorching sun can result in lasting damage to your skin. Having said that, it is strongly believed that ultraviolet (UV) radiation causes wrinkles, sunspots and premature aging. Some people are susceptible to such sensitive skin as they hit their 20s.

Therefore, it is important to guard your skin against the sun by religiously doing the following: always keep yourself cover to avoid extreme exposure of the sun, also to ensure your hair does not lose its texture over time.

Moreover, since travelers are warned incessantly about sunburn risks, it is advisable for them to apply sunscreen regularly, and wear UV-protective sunglasses whenever they head outdoors.

Get your beauty sleep
Your skin needs rest for cellular renewal, thereby, not getting at least 8 hours results in a breakdown of collagen and a lackluster appearance. This will eventually highlight any minor skin imperfections, making you look older than you should. Avoid any compromise with your sleep hours!

Don’t let your skincare regime fall apart!

Apart from the DIY techniques and homemade hacks to get a glowing skin, facials can do wonders and can contribute to flawless skin in considerably no time at all.

Get, Set, Go!

Ditch the sedentary lifestyle and get going to the gym if you wish to see drastically visible improvements in your skin. Early morning walks and cardiovascular exercise considerably improve blood circulation, which helps flush impurities off the blood.
At the same time, increased water intake is a must.

Eating healthy
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle not just includes physical activity, it also urges you to incorporate nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet. Not to forget, your body’s largest organ works overtime to build a strong internal system.

That’s not all! Empower each other by actions and words, which is something we don’t get to witness very often. Learn to love yourself and appreciate any kind of transformation. Love how you’re perfectly flawed and imperfectly wrapped together; after all, everyone has nooks and edges, but that’s okay because that’s what intrigues a change from within. Shun the negativity and those who have an insatiable need to put others down. Know that you are loved and are beautiful even if sometimes it may not feel that way.

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