Balcony Talk Premieres Music Video For “Iamlostwithoutyou”

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Brooklyn-based alternative/indie project Balcony Talk have released a music video for their new single “Iamlostwithoutyou,” out now. The focus track on their recent EP “Calendar Daze,” the single is a testament to Balcony Talk’s innovative and refined creativity. Their new EP “Calendar Daze” is an honest collection, centralized around the loneliness and forgetfulness that come with getting stuck in routine. The release of the EP solidifies Balcony Talk’s place as an up and coming alternative/indie act, having previously approached their sound from a singer/songwriter perspective. Balcony Talk stands firm in their introspection, taking a unique, intimate approach to their lyricism.

About the music video for “Iamlostwithoutyou”, Balcony Talk states:

“This music video cuts deep to one who sees the symbolic meaning of things. As enjoyable as this music video is to watch, there is something very strange beneath what’s really happening. The mannequins represent emptiness which is exactly what Ant is trying to explain with this song. If you do not pursue what you’re passionate about, you will have emptiness living within you.” 

Balcony Talk is a solo alternative/indie project from Brooklyn, New York founded by Anthony Cafiero. Being Anthony’s side project, he released Balcony Talk’s first EP “Birdhouse” while simultaneously pursuing his other band. Soon after leaving his previous band in late 2019, Ant took Balcony much more seriously. Never truly considering himself much of a singer/songwriter; he took the role as his love for Balcony Talk grew into his top priority. Following the release of “Birdhouse” and 2 singles, Balcony Talk was able to play a notable venue in Brooklyn known as The Knitting Factory. What Anthony discovered and prides about his songwriting is his ability to create raw and honest music. The name Balcony Talk is a term created by Anthony which means those deep,and honest conversations you have with a friend or stranger that helps you come to a realisation. Usually taking place on a balcony, in a car, or wherever it may take place, you can call it a “Balcony Talk”.


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