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Baba is a musical maestro known for pushing the boundaries of the music industry with his unique style and creative vision.

After completing his education at the prestigious Berklee School of Music, Baba released his debut single, which was widely appreciated by critics and music enthusiasts. Since then, he has been actively involved in the music industry and has worked on various projects, showcasing his versatility and creativity as a musician.

Bana Beautiful Cover
Photo Credit: Abhiruk Patowary

Best known for his infectious energy, uplifting messages, and vibrant sounds, Baba returns with his highly-anticipated single ‘Beautiful’. The track came to him in one stretch; he was playing his guitar and played the intro acoustic lick, and then just built the song from there. There’s a dynamic and zestful vibe in this release. The production features acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, drum kit, percussion, electronic drums, organs, piano, EP, a 50-piece choir, synthesizer, and vocals.

The music video for ‘Beautiful’ is unique, as it has been created entirely by an AI called

“Beautiful is about how our imperfections are what makes us beautiful. It uses a metaphor of how in a utopia, though there will be no fears or tears, it will also be a boring bland place with no art or happiness. When a lot of people are becoming very plastic, fake, and trying to reach a level of fake perfection, it becomes toxic. I was thinking a lot about this when I wrote the track,” Baba comments on the track.

Baba developed a passion for music early on. He began playing various instruments and experimenting with different musical styles, eventually forming a signature sound blending multiple genres. Over the years, he has released several critically acclaimed albums and singles that have gained immense popularity among fans and critics alike. He has been featured in notable publications such as Billboard Sound, Music Crowns, and Notion, presenting himself as a promising musical act.

BABA - Beautiful (Official AI Video 2023)
Animated video for BABA’s debut single “Beautiful” from the upcoming album “Cornucopia.”

‘Beautiful’ is available on all streaming platforms

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