Aussie Star Jade Holland Releases Hot Country Dance Track Oh My Heart

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Whether it’s a love story or a party dance hit, country music never fails to disappoint and driven by a growling bass line and a catchy chorus, no country dance party list will ever be complete again without the addition of Jade’s latest track  Oh My Heart”.

Holland elaborates,“Love doesn’t discriminate! Its for everyone! Whether to love a person as a friend, as your intimate partner, or your best mate who could be your dog. It can be goofy and fun, or insanely lustful, it can be painful, it does hurt. This track for me reminds me to chill. Life is hard enough without putting all this pressure on ourselves to live the ‘perfect life’ that society thinks we should be living. This is my ‘ let your hair down, sh*t happens, I love you so what?!’ vibe song!”

Country Artists sure know how to do heartbreak, but they also know how to do happy and “Oh My Heart will have you slapping on a ten- gallon hat and on the dance floor ready to boot scoot from the very first beat. Aimed at the inner hopeful romantic in all of us, “Oh My Heart” is destined to be the go-to feel good song on everyone’s playlist!

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