Astralux Offers Up a Hard-Hitting Rock and Roll Gem

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Los Angeles rock band Astralux shares their new single “Desert Dream,” a sonic journey through the surreal and inspiring places we travel when the “Sun goes away.” This rock n roll song is a must listen for fans of Queens of the Stone Age and Tame Impala. 

With powerful, rock-infused guitar and basslines layered with introspective lyrics, “Desert Dream” is, at its heart, a narrative of believing in your own self-sufficiency. Lyrics like, “I keep myself alive; I’m not afraid to die” and “I don’t know what I feel, but I know that it’s real” perfectly capture images of self-assured independence, while still recognizing the doubt that inevitably arrives and must be overcome, and are sure to have audiences dancing and singing along. 

“The creation of the song itself almost feels like a dream. It started as a simple jam to warm up during a rehearsal, but as soon as we found that beat, the rest of the song came pouring out of us in a frenzy. In many ways, it’s the culmination of all our chaotic, creative energy.” 

– Will Schlich

Astralux was formed when lead vocalist/guitarist, Will Schlich and drummer, Michael Lieberman met through a mutual ex-girlfriend. With the addition of bassist, Cam Fadl, and guitarist, Tai Ayres, the band was complete and began work on songs for their upcoming album. “Desert Dream” is a fierce and infectious track that is sure to have you head-banging as you sing along. 

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