Asian Country Group NuAsia Unveils Video for “Quiet Violence”

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With the unveiling of their latest single, “Quiet Violence,” modern country-pop fusion, NuAsia, has embarked on a new journey in their musical career.

The track, a poignant exploration of the agonizing experience of watching a loved one drift away, has finally received an accompanying music video expanding on its themes. Shot by Chris Evans in London, Ontario, the music video employs masterful spatial awareness, as well as emotive portrayals and a strong narrative to guide viewers along the devastation felt by the song. 

“Quiet Violence” posits an incredibly personal perspective on a relationship gripped by mistrust and even potential infidelity that truly brings you into the headspace of someone inside it. The video’s somber and often times darker lighting presents the generally brooding mood felt throughout while creating dynamic contrast for the hopefulness of the song’s narrator as she struggles to maintain connection in the relationship. The video’s direction carefully maneuvers its cast, actors Sally Chen and Ernest Woo, to establish its characters are two independent and sometimes combative fronts instead of the closeness that should exist. It details the relationship spiraling as it progresses, from bids for affection being rejected to emotional abandonment. The track’s most expressive moment lines up with an explosive argument complete with apparent yelling and finger waving. The video’s final moments add to the open-ended interpretation of the song, with the clear resolution being seen, only the damage left behind from the partner’s actions.

Overall, this video perfectly complements the song’s storytelling, adding additional context to root listeners into its sentiments. The raw and heartrending honesty of the song’s charged lyricism is especially striking when seen alongside the unending lonesomeness of reflecting in the bath or gazing drearily out a window. The video for “Quiet Violence,” the first taste of their forthcoming concept album, can be seen below: 

Quiet Violence

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