Art-Pop Duo mmeadows Share New Single + Lyric Video “Baby-By”

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NYC-based art-pop duo mmeadows — made up of current Dirty Projectors member Kristin Slipp and Beyoncé, Lorde, Harry Styles and more collaborator Cole Kamen-Green — shared “Baby-By,” a “danceable lullaby” first premiered via FLOOD Magazine.

Inspired by insomnia-induced nights, the track is reflective of the ebb and flow of falling asleep into an uneasy rest until dawn finally breaks. It’s both catchy as hell and intricate and subtle — a trait that embodies everything that makes mmeadows’ music so captivating, with more on the way soon. 
Slipp expands, “A few years ago I was battling crippling insomnia, which brought me to some intensely dark places…On one of those nights not long ago, I decided to channel the electric current coursing through me into a song. The verses lull you into a state of melancholy near-sleep, then ramp up into an energetic burst of energy, the chorus, and this cycle repeats till the last gasp of the outro, like the sun coming over the horizon, when it’s finally safe to close your eyes.” Today’s outing follows their previously released singles “Light Moves Around You” and “You Should Know By Now.” 

“They bring two very different backgrounds to the table, and the sonic result is singular.” – Paste

“[“Baby-By”]…Slipp’s vocals enter, nearly at a whisper. A minute in…the instrumental
a danceable sequel [to “Light Moves Around You”]” – FLOOD Magazine

“[“King of the Castle”] It’s a catchy, unpredictable dose of art pop…” – BrooklynVegan

“From the outset, mmeadow’s music is utterly enthralling.
The way in which the duo perfectly intertwine immersively atmospheric production
with affecting vocals is nothing short of astonishing.” – Atwood Magazine

“There are some tracks that stop you right in your tracks…
New York duo mmeadows is on the money.” – Wonderland Magazine
mmeadows - Baby-by  (Official Lyric Video)

Intimacy rears its powerful head in the world of mmeadows. A true collaborative duo, Slipp and Kamen-Green complement and balance one another in a way that speaks to the depth of their musical connection. Cole describes Kristin’s superpower as her mind-voice connectivity. The way she can hear a song and begin tracking the scale degrees of the melody by touching different parts of her hand. Kristin describes Cole’s superpower as an ability to zoom out and observe their attempts holistically, contextualizing their creations within the big picture. In mmeadows, vocal-focused pop songwriting is the heartbeat of the band, enriched by their liberal usage of found sounds and esoteric vintage instruments in their productions and performances, as heard on their debut EP Who Do You Think You Are?, released in April of 2020. 

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