Arizona rock duo Bones in the Walls releases the dark theme song for your October

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Odds are if you’re not from southern Arizona you probably haven’t heard of Bones in the Walls. They’re a dark indie rock duo based out of Tucson Arizona, and their musical style is dark and western, inspired by southwestern cities, casino bars and desert landscapes.

Cat Prisbrey started Bones in the Walls first as a solo project, writing folk and retro rock while studying music under Evan Coulombe, the guitarist for folk artist Joshua James. Inspired by rock & roll and Americana, the music featured western tropes and baritone vocals reminiscent of early rock & roll crooners. When COVID limited social contact with other musicians, his wife Annie Prisbrey joined as a duo, adding eerie rock organ, dark synth leads and drum machine. The sonic change led to new experimental rock, adding psychedelic and electronic elements, and their latest single is the latest example of the sonic change.

‘Psychic Pitfalls’ follows tropes of 80s stalker songs and horror movie blockbusters. The lyrics speak from the perspective of a jealous lover, detailing their descent into distrust, jealousy, paranoia and invasion of privacy in a relationship where deceit may not even be present. It’s dark and energetic and if you’re looking for dark tunes to fuel your October, look no further Bones in the Walls’ latest release ‘Psychic Pitfalls’.

Releases October 1st to Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora, and everywhere you stream music.

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