Anthony Lazaro Delivers Emotional Single “The Silent Patient”

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Singer-songwriter Anthony Lazaro has released his emotive new single “The Silent Patient.” Lazaro brings a calming feeling to listeners as his descriptive lyrics allow them to connect to the song on a deeper level, making them feel as though they are experiencing the track firsthand. “The Silent Patient” is available for streaming and download worldwide.

Anthony Lazaro

Anthony Lazaro’s new single, “The Silent Patient,” explores a desire and longing for love and hope. The song is about a complicated relationship that illustrates love while comparing different seasons. “It could be a metaphor of the world, the silent patient, waiting for the (physical and metaphorical) spring to come. Considering many hope this nightmare with COVID will start finishing around next spring, it could be a nice song of hope.” The instrumental introduction into the song is shortly accompanied by Lazaro’s soothing vocals and the opening lyrics, “the last breath of summer is blowing down our necks,” creating a strong visual that sets the scene for the listeners. The chorus brings about an ambiance to the listener as Lazaro sings the lines, “you know I’m your silent patient.” Contrasting the image of summer given at the beginning of the song, he croons, “I’ll be holding on to the winter for your kiss to wake me up,” allowing the audience to further visualize the experiences being explored through the song. The poetic imagery remains strong into the second verse as Lazaro sings “with the colors of spring, my heart will blossom again,” contrasting with the previous verse of longing, he showcases the feeling of warmth and hope. Lazaro’s beautifully written lyrics accompanied by his soothing vocals allow him to tell a story while transporting the listener into the song itself. The track was co-produced by Lazaro and Danny Humming and marks the first single from the upcoming full-length album, due out October 20th.

Anthony Lazaro is an Italian singer-songwriter and indie musician who currently resides in Hamburg, Germany. In addition to being a vocalist, Lazaro plays many instruments, including guitar, ukulele, and piano. His musical inspiration comes from artists such as Chet Baker, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Bon Iver, Devendra Banhart, and Jack Johnson. Lazaro has had his music featured in the Amazon Prime Series Russian Affairs; it has also been used by Starbucks and Cosmopolitan and has over 445K monthly plays on Spotify.

“After releasing the Basement Love EP about long-distance relationships and bunker times lovers, “The Silent Patient” is about the big sick, a world that is enduring the winter of COVID with a fragile, but resolute hope for a spring that couldn’t come soon enough,” explains Lazaro. Through stunning vocals and captivating lyrics, Anthony Lazaro’s new single transports the listener to a serene universe.

Stream or download “The Silent Patient” on digital music platforms worldwide.

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