Anthony Ejefoh, founder of Bstock01 Media Launches the World’s preliminary Media Platform for Conscious Creators

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Today, the media industry is undergoing a complete transformation and many people recognize that it must be revolutionized and rewritten in a more humane way.

It is a crucial time for leaders to not only continue to serve humanity by being a voice for themselves. platforms, but also take advantage of other online platforms as the world of business and education rapidly advances and evolves. This is the role Anthony Ejefoh has taken on, playing a powerful role in creating a more human internet. Anthony Ejefoh is the CEO and founder of Bstock01 Media. He has gained so much momentum and traction, being recognized by Entrepreneur for his strong leadership and values-driven qualities that he was announced as a member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network as a contributing writer, all within his first month of publication.

Bstock01 Media is the world’s first media platform that serves as a voice for conscious creators, with interviews and thought leadership articles on new earth, leadership, wealth, spirituality and wellness, with an educational component and a store that will be integrated into Late 2020

Emerging Leaders Paving the Way for the Next Generation

There are many emerging mindful leaders who have strong and powerful messages, but an ever-changing algorithm means very few In Anthony’s first month of launch, he helped over 25 leaders to protect press articles in various publications, including Bstock01.

Co-branding leaders alongside other leaders is a powerful co-creation strategy to amplify a message, and it is a strategy Anthony uses powerfully.

Build your presence across multiple platforms

There has never been a more crucial time for leaders to start building their presence outside of social media, as well as their own online education platforms (or take advantage of the platforms of others). While social media is important, the way technology is advancing quickly means that it won’t be available forever. Leaders must now realize the importance of taking a smarter, forward-looking approach by expanding their presence across multiple platforms.

There are very many few entrepreneurs who can see 10 steps ahead rather than get stuck in the present, and Anthony is one of them. He attributes this to the fact that he completely removed himself from social media for months and only spends 6 months each year saying, “The world is changing, and business is changing rapidly. We can’t think clearly if we choose to be like this a lot of noise to get trapped in. Noise is by far the worst enemy of impact. “

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