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French interior designer Geraldine Prieur is the Founder and Artistic Director of her brand LIFESTYLE ROUGE ABSOLU. Interior architect, designer, stylist and colorist, she combines styles as if by magic and revives the heritage of values ​​that she creates from a “Memory”.

Q: What inspired you to become an interior designer ?

Looking back at my career path, I think my passion for drawing sparked my interest in the field of design. Ever since I was little, I have always liked drawing – all I need to entertain myself is nothing more than a pencil, a piece of paper, and my imagination. When I was studying in university, I was attracted by the courses offered by the Architecture program. Who would have thought my knack for drawing would help me quickly learn how to draw perspectives and shadows in just under a year! I was always aware of good design. I have discovered that I am more sensitive to finishes and colors throughout my career, which drew me to become an interior designer.

Q: What do you enjoy most about hospitality interior design ?

Perhaps it is the love for aesthetics that drew me into the design sector in the first place. I like observing how the “fit-out” process is proceeding and engaging in the design process from raw to finish. I think the most exciting part about my work is the initial start of a project when I am involved in the process of creation, whether it be concept creation or spatial planning. I also think my understanding of space and form from my background in architecture, along with my innate flair for colors, spatial arrangements, and textiles, helps me to come up with unique design solutions for clients.

Q: What are some of your most popular designs/projects? Tell us a bit about some of your designs/projects and what you love about them. What’s your favorite and why ?

I love working on projects with architects and developers who deeply understand design and believe in integrity and high-end pieces. I have worked on high-end projects, where the team has been incredibly professional with an understanding of where the designer is coming from, and we are therefore able to execute the design flawlessly. I also love working with lighting designers who can bring the projects to life in the most fantastic way. 

Q: What colors, textures, and furniture pieces do you love the most ?

I love contrast and vivid colors that make a statement. I tend to bring out luxurious and mesmerizing jewel tones unless I work on a corporate project where color is part of the corporate identity. For furniture, a combination of contemporary classics and traditional furniture works beautifully. The idea of ROUGE ABSOLU is to infuse the space with sensuality, which is one of the key signature styles. My apartment is colored in bold jewel tones that bring a pop of color during the grey months. 

Q: Where did you get the inspiration for your lovely apartment ?

Everyone speaks of Paris as the city of love and romance. However, many forget to mention that the city submerges into greyness during the cold months. To lift the mood, I decided to bring vibrant and outstanding colors to my apartment. Me and my family loved the spacious apartment that had a dose of character, so we decided to give it our own personal stamp. We made a carefully curated mix of magnificent jewel colors, geometric patterns, vintage light fixtures, and unique furniture pieces throughout the apartment. The style can be described as extravagant, extraordinary, energizing, and mood-lifting. However, we made an effort to preserve the original beauty of the historical structure and kept the elements. 

Q: You have your interior design brand ROUGE ABSOLU. Can you please tell us more about the brand ?

ROUGE ABSOLU was launched back in 2012 and is famous for its distinctive colors. The inspiration for the name came from rogue, which means red in french. Red represents sensuality, while absolu stands for the commitment to aesthetics. I firmly believe that colors significantly impact people’s mood, so I try to improve their everyday life through my projects. 

Q: In which ways does ROUGE ABSOLU stand out in the interior design world ?

ROUGE ABSOLU is a high-end Parisian luxury LIFESTYLE, which brings aesthetics to fashion, architecture, and design. The haute couture brand highlights the glamorous lifestyle, with unconventional designs and luxurious creative vibes. I love to face design challenges and implement my signature style, to avoid the existing traditions and uniformly looks. I like to combine techniques and come up with fresh and modern aesthetics, with a dose of elegance and luxury. The brand events the Parisian luxury while adding a shot of sensuality with the choice of colors. 

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