Amiena Roasts Hypocrites with “Halo”

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International alt-pop artist, Amiena, just released her sassy new single “Halo”, which mocks the artificial personas that people create to mask the reality of their true selves.

The song, which is co-written by two-time Emmy winner Lars Deutsch, takes a bold, tongue-in-cheek approach lyrically with fun lines that are loaded with wit but that also singe with truth. Inspired by HBO’s show Gemstones and Netflix’s Messiah, Amiena and Deutsch reflect on topics of how people blindly follow others, the constant need to be liked and how we create a facade. The reality is that most of us know someone exactly like the people Amiena is describing, and when you listen to the song, you can’t help but chuckle to yourself as you think about all the hypocrisy that we see on a daily basis.

The upbeat and poppy composure of the music compliments the fun of the lyrical content and is guaranteed to make you want to move. A highlight of the track that pleasantly surprised me was the thrilling transition from the verses into the instantly catchy and infectious chorus. As soon as the beat drops, you know that you are in for a ride on this record. Amiena’s light and airy vocals add to the atmospheric vibe of the song, and help create a unique and distinctive sound that only Amiena could pull off.

With this track, Amiena has made it clear that she is not holding anything back, and she is not afraid to be bold and honest in her music. If you want to listen to an artist that makes you think and combines smart lyrics with thumping beats, it is worth checking out her music.

You can download or stream “Halo” now on digital music platforms worldwide

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