Amiena Makes Her Great Escape in New Video

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Alt-pop singer Amiena has just released her latest single and video titled, “Great Escape,” which is available on streaming platforms as well as YouTube. This new track is just as enticing as catchy; with her strong vocals which capture her story of deception. 

Amiena describes the single as, “A fall from grace. A power play in what could have been a love song.” This fall from grace was transformed into an inspiring and relatable story that many listeners will certainly resonate with. 

The video accompanying her song is just as enticing, with a play by play sequence depicted. The video opens with an otherwise shady character in sunglasses, a hat and a leather jacket, slipping into a motel which is illuminated by blue and pink neon. After ditching his attire, we switch rooms to see Amiena in a get up which is quite different. She is sitting on the bed in a wedding dress. The tables are turned when Amiena swaps this wedding dress for the man’s leather jacket ensemble to pull off a heist in the last shot of the video. “Wanna make some money, yeah sure I’ll buy your wedding dress,” she coos at the reference. 

Amiena’s track is also a nod to taunting ex-lovers. “You know the scent, you know the taste..’ and now it is more of a cat and mouse tale. This taunt has become quite the innovation for expressing Amiena’s experience and emotion. 

“Great Escape” can be heard on all streaming platforms, but you can head over to YouTube to get the full captivating experience which is highlighted through the music video. 

Amiena - Great Escape

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