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Amazing Experiences Only Vietnam Can Offer You

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Taking a trip to Vietnam is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. This incredible country is home to an amazing culture and history, as well as breathtaking views and fun, unforgettable activities. Here’s a quick dive into some of the best experiences that are available only in the Land of Blue Dragon.

Spend the night at a traditional homestay

The biggest experience that’s only available in Vietnam is to stay as a guest in the home of a local Vietnamese family. You can do this anywhere in the country, from mountainous Sapa to Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, which both boast gorgeous views. You’ll learn all about what living in Vietnam is like and will get to taste delicious home-cooked cuisine. You will also gain more insights into the culture itself.

Take a cycling route

Vietnam is a country with beautiful nature and scenery and what better way to take it all in than hopping on a bike and cycling your way through? Motorcycles are very popular in Vietnam and most of the locals drive mopeds of some sort, but cycling through breathtaking nature is truly special experience.

Learn authentic Vietnamese cooking

If you’re one of those people who has joined the craze for traditional Vietnamese cuisine like Phô and Spring Rolls, this activity is the perfect way to take home a useful souvenir that’s guaranteed to make your friends jealous. Half and full-day cooking classes are offered in nearly all major cities, so you should have no trouble finding the perfect class for you.

Drink the world’s least expensive beer

Imagine going out for a night at a local bar and closing out your tab with a bill of just $2 U.S. That’s what happens when you order the famous Bia Hoi beer, which is only about .20 cents per glass. This delicious beer is guaranteed to be super fresh when you buy it, because it’s brewed locally every day and delivered to all the local bars. It’s best enjoyed in places like Hanoi’s Beer Corner, where people like to sit in plastic chairs to relax and drink their beers.

Ride a buffalo

Similar to riding a camel when you visit the middle east, there’s nothing quite like experiencing the Vietnamese countryside from the back of a water buffalo. This experience is offered on many tours throughout the country, and it’s as much a must-do as riding an elephant when you visit Thailand.

Experience authentic Phô

Even if you aren’t up to making your own Phô, you can still experience a bowl in every town and city you visit. The taste and texture change in each location, so you’ll never get the same flavor twice. This dish is best experienced with a cool Bia Hoi beer to wash it down.

Try your hand at rice farming

If you have ever eaten a bowl of rice and wondered how it got from plant to dish, then this activity is for you. Many rural towns in Vietnam offer full and half day experiences that teach you how to be one of the country’s many rice farmers. And I’m not talking about the videos and tours you may see at a farm in countries like the U.S. In Vietnam, you actually do the work of a farmer. Where else can you do that?

A unique country with unique experiences

Choosing to go on a trip is a big deal, and making sure you have the best experience possible is even bigger. If you’re deciding between Vietnam and another locale, know that you can’t go wrong with any of the activities this incredible country provides. From forests to beaches and everything in between, Vietnam offers every landscape and fun activity you could possibly imagine. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip now to experience this amazing, diverse country.

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