Alt-Country’s Wild the Coyote Drops Silver Round Bullet

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Los Angeles based outlaw country singer, Wild the Coyote, is back with another invigorating hit single. “Silver Round Bullet” comes off of his forthcoming  EP titled; 7 Roses and serves as one more reminder of the expressly unique style and talent of Coyote. Sticking with the one of a kind sound that has made him so enjoyable, Wild the Coyote once again fuses elements of country, rock, blues, and punk to create a steely masterpiece that electrifies listeners. 

The reason that “Silver Round Bullet” conveys such a clear, powerful tone and feeling is likely the story and inspiration behind its conception. Wild the Coyote went back to his roots to write this EP in order to get more in touch with his memories and emotions “I went to my hometown and would go out and get lost in the wilderness and vacant country land and write my songs based on why I struggled growing up in my hometown and how I struggle living in Los Angeles,” says the singer. This abstract method shines through with a magnificent combination of lyricism, guitar, percussion, and Coyote’s unmistakable voice. Produced by Joseph Holiday, this track triumphantly expresses these gritty and deep emotions with help from guitarist Tito Woods.  Add this captivating new track from outlaw alt-country rocker Wild the Coyote to all of your playlists.

Stream “Silver Round Bullet” here.

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