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Allowing the Beauty of Nassau (Bahamas) to Bring You Peace

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Nassau and the rest of the Bahamas are among most beautiful places on God’s green earth. You can find some of the world’s most beautiful waterfronts when you drive throughout the island. You also will find many resorts scattered throughout the island. One website describes both Nassau and another part of the Bahamas, Paradise Island, as places to behold: “With the lure of a big city and the ease of tropical utopia, Nassau & Paradise Island are considered by many as, well, paradise.” That statement is indeed true for the islands.

Not only are Nassau and the rest of the Bahamas stunning and picturesque, you will also find a great deal of history to explore on the islands. Take the classic pirate Blackbeard. He left a huge mark on the history of Nassau. He held a former residence there, Old Fort Nassau, which later became the British Colonial Hilton. While there is a huge British historical impact, there is also an African one as well. The island of New Providence is the location of three villages, Gambier, Fox Hill, and Adelaide, which maintain African culture and were founded by liberated slaves.

While the island has historical value, you may wish to check out some things other than historical sites. Maybe you want to enjoy some beautiful nature. The Retreat Garden National Park in Nassau offers a stunning collection of palms, with 170 types of the tree on display.

While the sun and surf attract people to the island, many are drawn to the nightlife too. When you’re out on the town, you might wish to watch out for club drugs or drugs being sold on the streets. You may be dancing and someone could spike your drink with club drugs, which could lead to serious side effects.

Someone might offer you drugs outside the club on the streets. It is important to be aware of yourself when you are out on the town and enjoying yourself. You do not want to risk anything bad happening when you are having fun. And most of all, allow the island’s charms to help you relax. You have stress in your life and are seeking an escape from your normal life back home. This is your chance. Go out, explore, and live life.

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