ALIX Releases Vulnerable New Album Feel Better

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Singer and songwriter ALIX has released her emotional and uplifting album, Feel Better. ALIX mixes lyrics that portray personal life experiences and a variety of genres to deliver a compelling and ebullient album. Feel Better is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

ALIX welcomes listeners into her emotions during challenging times by honing in on uniquely relatable themes throughout her new album, Feel Better. Amidst the ‘new normal’ that COVID-19 has created, ALIX took the opportunity to record from her home to craft a distinct setting for her stories.  “The project reminds me of familiar comfort, warm cups of coffee, getting cozy, dancing around the house, focusing on self-care, and feeling connected to others by getting connected with ourselves,” explains ALIX . “I wanted to keep the sounds light, comforting, and positive to symbolize a lifestyle I want to be dedicated to. But I wanted to include the humanity of needing to talk through feelings and turn frustration into constructive growth. There were emotions I confronted in these songs that I needed to get off my chest to feel better and move on.” In her new album, ALIX tells stories of her past adventures and experiences living in California. She takes her listeners with her on her journey through personal struggles and conflicts, coming out on the other side of self-realization. In her first track of the album, “Easy Living,” she sets the mood for the album through her laid back harmonies and instrumentals. This paints the picture of her past with old friends in California. On track four, “Good” featuring NEZZA, she uses honest lyrics with soothing instrumentals to tell a story of love, heartache, and new beginnings. A video for “Good” was released earlier this year. ALIX brings her album to a close with a story of moving from the west to east coast and the challenges that came with that on track eleven, “Golden.” She uses hopeful instrumentals and comforting vocals to bring her audience into a sense of healing.

ALIX is a unique pop singer and songwriter from the Bay Area who takes diverse elements from different genres to create her own twist on pop. She is a true Californian artist, bringing her roots into her music. Her style is a blend of sounds from a range of R&B to electronic, creating a genre that is unique to herself. Delicate melodies paired with straight forward lyrics and uplifting instrumental, give her an edge that is her organic sound. Along with music that is easily recognizable from her distinct voice, she also writes for various artists.

ALIX ’s vulnerable and inspiring new album Feel Better delivers a variety of comforting tracks that tell honest stories that make listeners want to hear more.

Download or stream Feel Better now on digital platforms worldwide. To keep up with ALIX ’s journey, follow her on Instagram @ALIX Fullerton.

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