ALIX Drops Heartfelt Single “Good (ft. NEZZA)”

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Pop singer and songwriter ALIX has released her latest single “Good” featuring pop sensation NEZZA, a timeless track about receiving closure at the end of a once flourishing relationship. Silky melodies and straight forward lyrics bounce off of feel-good golden instrumentals, giving her a unique edge in a sound that is all her own. The R&B-infused single that precedes her forthcoming album, Feel Better, expertly captures the emotional roller coaster that ensues when two people have grown apart. The song is now available on digital music platforms worldwide.

Written by ALIX and NEZZA, “Good” is a refreshing twist on the evergreen subject of love, heartache, and new beginnings. The track serves as both a confession and realization; inspired by the real-life conversation the two friends had talking about the reality of being able to move on from an ex while still wanting a sense of closure. Inspired by this shared experience, “Good,” came to fruition. The song motivated ALIX to confront her own feelings “I write songs like this to help myself understand my feelings and work through them.” ALIX fell in love with songwriting because of the effect songs of her favorite artist’s had on her, and this raw and honest ballad validates any fan who’s going through similar situations.

Born and raised a true California girl, ALIX captures that feeling of home in her music: picturesque redwood forests and rolling evergreen hills, ten minutes from San Francisco, a place rich with music and creative history. When it comes to her writing and vocal style, influences that range from an eclectic collection of genres give her a unique edge. The singer-songwriter grew up attending Northern California music festivals, where she envisioned herself on those same stages one day. Upon moving to Los Angeles, the songstress built a network working in recording studios as a songwriter. Her debut release, “Come Alive” garnered unpredicted traction with her music video gaining over 1 million views in the first month, and currently has over 16 million views, solidifying her path in the music world.

“Good” offers listeners a glimpse of the sounds playing in ALIX’s mind. You can now download and stream “Good” on digital music platforms worldwide.

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