Alice Bag Rebels Against Haters with Self-Love Anthem “Spark” Video Starring Vander Van Odd

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Prolific punk icon, singer/songwriter, musician, author and feminist, Alice Bag will release her new album Sister Dynamite, May 8 on In The Red Records. Throughout the album, Bag reveals her incredible ability to turn nuanced political statement into impossibly catchy punk songs. New album single “Spark” lights a fire against the haters. A song about self-acceptance and self-love, it exalts the differences that other people might see as odd or queer because they are what makes you unique. Starring Season 1 winner of Dragula Vander Van Odd, the “Spark” video debuted with PAPER Magazine April 16.

Bag shares, “For the “Spark” music video, I reached out to director Rudy Bleu Garcia, who along with Hex Ray Sanchez run Club SCUM, a favorite nightclub/performance space for queer punks in East LA. In the early days of SCUM, Rudy invited me to do a DJ set with Allison Wolfe. The turntables were in a tiny backstage area which also served as the queens’ dressing room. I literally bumped into Vander Von Odd in that little space and was immediately smitten by this beautiful, charming queen. I’m honored that Vander agreed to star in this music video. The queerest of the queer, Dragula season 1 winner, Vander truly embodies the message of the song. Except for the mouth breathing part, that’s just about me.”

Alice Bag - Spark

Her third solo effort, the album marks a thrilling return to the full-throttle punk that Bag pioneered with her legendary first-wave punk band, The Bags. While maintaining a “communicate not indoctrinate” line of thought when it comes to her songwriting, Bag hopes that the songs on Sister Dynamite might help to build the profound sense of solidarity she experienced back in the original L.A. punk community. With its breakneck velocity and galvanizing melodies, Bag teamed up with her core group of musicians to achieve the album’s kinetic sound. Co-produced by Bag and her longtime collaborator Lysa Flores (who plays rhythm guitar and sings backing vocals on several songs) at L.A.’s Station House Studios, Sister Dynamite finds features guitarist Sharif Dumani and bassist David O. Jones with Candace P.K. Hansen and Rikki “Styxx” Watson trading off on drums, each lending her distinct musicality to the album’s potent rhythms.

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