Alex Frew establishes his arrival with “Get Out Alive” visualizer

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Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Frew announced his debut with his first release, “Get Out Alive.” The young crooner makes his presence loud and clear by showcasing his ability to make each listener relate to the emotions depicted on each verse through his crafted lyricism. Feelings on love lost, emotions still being processed and the uncertainty that comes with navigating each desire, backed by soothing and captivating vocals – Alex Frew’s first release begs you to feel.

Alex Frew’s “Get Out Alive” visualizer reinstates his arrival.

XMPL writes, “[Alex Frew’s] calming vocals counter balance the painful topics that we face in our own lives and brings a sense of comforting hope. Alex really faces up to the challenge of speaking from the heart, painting pictures of his teenage angst. […] The way Alex strings his words is equally as impressive as his captivating vocal skills.”

Other praise comes from Purple Melon who say, “The song itself is astonishingly well produced, making the most of Frew’s clean pop vocal against a backdrop of looped vocal samples, dropped-out bass and intricate electronic beats. It’s familiar, yet fresh, and we can already envision great things in the future for this promising young singer and songwriter.”

And over at Aipate Magazine, they mention that “Despite his young age, his songwriting and delivery oozes great maturity. “Get Out Alive” is a candid and vulnerable account of a distressful love experience.”

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