Albert Kass: The Unlikely Journey of a ‘Young Old Man’

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Albert Kass, a Los Angeles native, has taken a unique path to his musical career. Embodying somber tones and driving rhythms of The National, soulful stylings of blues-rock bands such as The Black Keys, and, at times, Neil Young’s subtle showmanship, Kass’s music is a melting pot of diverse sounds and styles.

Despite his early introduction to music, Kass took his time in releasing his debut album Young Old Man, accumulating an expansive vision spanning two different careers and over 20 years of life experiences. 

Young Old Man is a colorful tapestry of themes and emotions, woven together with Kass’s poignant phrasing and eclectically inspired folk presentation. His lyrics, as seen in the bitter anthem, “Downward,” or the pleading “For Me Dabla,” explore themes of regret, longing, and the consequences of one’s actions embroiled in the human experience. Kass’s songwriting is introspective and raw, reflecting his life experiences and offering listeners a glimpse into his intensely personal world. 

Musically, Kass’s style on this album balances a distinct resemblance to other artists in the burgeoning indie-folk landscape with a distinctive twist. His sound is heavily rooted in the minimalistic mantra of folk music, without the incessant limitations many would pose on the genre. He captures this slow-but-surely rebellious mantra perhaps best on his standout single, “Same Lie.” The song’s almost danceable pulse coupled with his biting tone delivers an unexpectedly gripping listen as Kass croons out, “Can you believe this shit’s been normalized?” 

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Kass’ authenticity, a strong sense of appeal many fans feel with this artist, bleeds through in spades on almost every song on the album. The consistent repetition of relatable themes speak to his creative vision, with a clear element of care being evident as he assembled every sonic motif throughout. This strong foundational core is elevated by his willingness to experiment with unexpected noises for the genre, to establish a richly harmonious environment.

In conclusion, Young Old Man is a powerful debut from Albert Kass, showcasing his songwriting prowess, unique musical style, and ability to convey deep emotions through music. As he continues his musical journey, it will be interesting to see how his sound evolves and how he builds on the strong persona laid into place on this album. With Young Old Man, Kass has proven that he is not just a musician, but a storyteller, weaving tales of life, love, and regret into his songs. His future in the music industry looks promising, and listeners will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting his next release.

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To follow Albert Kass on his musical journey, tune in to his Instagram @AlbertKassmusic

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