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Everyone reading this, me, you, the people who are maintaining the service to connect us through the internet, the people passing by your window, everyone has a limited amount of time on this Earth. We may think this as immediately sad and worrying, and sometimes it can be this way. However, it also inspires us to great action, to make the time we have count, and to feel unashamed to love and respect the ones we care about, and increasingly to be ourselves.

However, due to this limit, we can sometimes pathologize how we spend our time and who we do it with to an extreme extent. As they say, time you enjoy is never time you spend wasting, but this also raises a question – what activities never waste your time, and can only be restorative to your life? We would posit some of the following advice to lead you to further health and to potentially enjoy a better and more thoroughly loving sense of yourself. You’re sure to appreciate this act:

A Kind Deed For Someone

A kind deed is never a waste of time. It can be anything but. In fact, it can be thoroughly restorative and appreciated by the person to whom you apply it. Sometimes, it might be a kind word. Other times, it might be giving them a ride to the airport, or simply helping them come to the gym with you to get into the schedule. A kind deed can help you feel much more comforted and caring for someone else, and that makes a real difference.

Learning, Researching, Being Inspired

Learning, researching and being inspired are three things that can help you further understand the world you live in, but also the causes that mean something to you. Working for peace may be at the top of your priority list, or dispelling myths about a certain topic, or promoting kindness within your community. Perhaps you wish to write stories that inspire children to confidence and kindness, or maybe you simply wish to learn more about your history to help you avoid prejudices and work towards ensuring your family is educated. Time spent in this process can help everything become more enjoyable, and so it’s important to understand this raw potential you may wish to experience.

Spending Time With Those You Love

Spending time with those you love is something that can never be a waste of time. After all, time is our most precious resource, and giving it to someone we love is the ultimate form of a compliment. This is especially true for those who are elderly and wish to spend time with their family, as they know that all pretences have gone and those they love are all that matter to them.

With this advice, we hope you’ll understand that time spend learning, loving and aiming to be better is time you should never feel bad about wasting. You’ll also truly enjoy yourself throughout this process.

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