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PALM SPRINGS, CA – It’s a wrap. The Dinah officially turned 25!

Yet more than having a big birthday and marking another one for the books, The Dinah 2015 cemented its place in the annals of LGBT history.

The vision that Mariah Hanson imagined a quarter century ago far surpassed her expectations. For little did she know that her Dinah would become her enduring legacy to both the city of Palm Springs and the entire LGBT community.

Today The Dinah stands tall and proud as not just the biggest lesbian event in the planet of its kind, but as well as the world’s single most successful lesbian music and entertainment mega-event.

This is why thousands of women from all over the world gathered in Palm Springs over this Easter weekend to come celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the iconic Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend.

And celebrate, they did! The Dinah 2015 was beyond epic and undoubtedly filled with memorable events and magical moments all dedicated to honor the real Dinah … Mariah.

Pop superstar Meghan Trainor who headlined the Black Party on Saturday was certainly not just all about The Dinah but very much all about that Mariah too!

“She is the reason you are all here having the time of your life,” declared Trainor as she graciously invited Hanson to join her on stage to crown her queen in front of a screaming sold-out crowd. Lips were moving, booties were shaking and fingers were snapping pictures away as the pop sensation took a selfie before shimmying on stage with the newly appointed royal. The symbolic crowning came on the heels of a series of recognition prizes and awards by city officials and LGBT organizations for her commitment to her craft – including the prestigious Legacy Award bestowed upon her by the NCLR along side Lilly Tomlin a short few hours before Trainor’s homage.

Continuing to cement its reputation as an industry star-maker, this year’s Dinah delivered a mind-blowing slate of performers.

From award-winning Christina Perri to cutting-edge artists Bebe Rexha, Olivia Sommerlyn, Holy Child; to old-school disco icons Crystal Waters and Royce Rose, these series of high-energy concerts were all phenomenally spectacular leaving Dinah audiences in complete awe.

Once again Hanson raised her own bar with a stellar lineup that included a few awesome surprises among which was new “it” girl Ivy Levan.

The latest in a series of big names to perform at The Dinah, Ivy Levan not only drew massive crowds but also enjoyed her Dinah experience so much that, like rap artist Eve last year, she joined the crowd on the dance floor after her electrifying show.

There is indeed something liberating about the Dinah that is extremely infectious and contagious and rises up from the crowd to the performers onstage who just can get enough.

“I’m having so much fun with you guys,” exclaimed Meghan Trainor,  “Love who you love and forget the rest.”

Sure, The Dinah is known for its monumental pool parties, stunning women, hottest DJs & Dancers, not to mention celebrity sightings and terrific concerts by international Top 10 Billboard hitmakers. But there’s more to the event than meets the eyes.  The real gem to be found at the Dinah are the customers who travel from all over the world to take over Palm Springs and impart a sense of belonging, and complete normalcy.

The Dinah is a freeing and life changing experience for all these lesbians.

It is difficult for some of us to fathom the idea that our lifestyle is not the same for a majority of others, but rather the exception. But once a year The Dinah makes that dream come true.

“It’s a beautiful thing when members of a minority suddenly are not in the minority anymore,” wrote Lane Moore for Cosmo.com after attending this year her first Dinah ever.

What the Dinah truly offers is a glimpse of how perfect the world would be if we could all be free to be who we truly are!

All in all, the 25th Anniversary of Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend will be remembered as the most phenomenal Dinah to date.

We all came out of it profoundly moved, deeply touched, completely transformed and empowered

We can hear Christina Perri’s “Burning Gold” lyrics echoing in all of our hearts:

“I’ve had enough, I’m standing up, I need, I need a change.”

Is it Dinah 2016 yet?

For more information about The Dinah go to: www.TheDInah.com

Tickets for Dinah 2016 for on sale July 1, 2015.


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