A Little Christmas of My Own is the wintertime piano ballad from singer-songwriter Nicki Wells

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It’s that time of year again, when romantic notions of the winter take over our imagination. Fireside evenings, comforting mugs of hot chocolate, layers of cosy knits, walks in the freshly fallen snow; these might be some of the images that flick across your mind as we head into December.

Something that helps bring our expectations into reality are seasonal songs, from vintage classics through to new cover songs to brand new creations like Nicki Wells‘A Little Christmas of My Own’.

Much like Nicki Wells’ recently released single ‘Carry On’, the British songwriter takes to the piano on which she first learned to play as a child to add a rich and inviting timbre to this steadily paced acoustic number. As the title, ‘A Little Christmas of My Own’, suggests this song is about how festive times aren’t a celebration full of family and friends for all, as Wells explains below.

“It’s a bittersweet song about Christmas because for some, it can be a lonely time, not everyone has a family to go to. But by the end there is a sweet acceptance of a quiet and calm Christmas.”

‘A Little Christmas of My Own’ was written, performed and produced by Nicki Wells, with mixing by Luke Potashnick and mastered by Katie Tavini at Weird Jungle.

In keeping with the intimate sound of this single, the accompanying video was created by Tarq Bowen and presents a beautiful and cozy visual.

Nicki Wells - A Little Christmas Of My Own (Official Music Video)




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