A Fated Bond by T. L. West

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Joseph Roth, a young member of the Rockfort Paranormal Department which is in charge of keeping vampires, shifters, fairies, and all kind of supernatural creatures in check, finds himself facing more than he bargained for when he is assigned to investigate a mysterious murder. Not only is Joseph stuck between his department and a prestigious vampire family, he’s unaware of the target on his back. With the department keeping secrets from him, Joseph decides to uncover the truth on his own, unaware that dark forces are on the rise. Will Joseph be able to find the truth in time or is his search allowing the enemy to come close enough for a kill?

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Title: A Fated Bond

Author: T. L. West

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: November 5, 2018

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 39800

Genre: Paranormal, Paranormal, werewolves, shapeshifters, Vampires, Witches, Demons, Magic

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Exclusive Excerpt

A Fated Bond
T.L. West © 2018
All Rights Reserved

“Yes, yes, I’m sure about what I saw,” said Joseph. He was sitting at a wooden table in a room with walls made of white marble. There was no one with him, just a disembodied feminine sounding voice asking him questions about what he saw at the murder site he was at about an hour ago. It was the first time Joseph had been invited into this room. He had known about this room, in the building’s second floor, but he had never imagined himself actually being in it because of the kind of cases he received.

As soon as he had finished calling Sally, he got a call from his department that they were sending a car to pick him up. And now here he was, answering questions in the white room.

“You can send in other people to go and check if you don’t believe me,” Joseph added. He wasn’t enjoying the interrogation session. It was making him quite nervous, but he wasn’t going to show it on his face.

“We have already sent a team to investigate,” said the voice. Joseph had tried to figure out where the voice was coming from when he first heard it, but he couldn’t see any speakers or other electronic equipment in the room. “You can go now,” the voice added. It seemed to be coming from the ceiling, but Joseph wasn’t sure.

“Wait! What?” asked Joseph. “Why aren’t you telling me anything? There hasn’t been a vampire-related human death in decades. Aren’t all vampire families registered and under surveillance?”

There was no answer. “Hello! I know you can hear me,” Joseph yelled at the ceiling.

Joseph heard the door behind him open. He sighed, getting up from the chair. Giving the white room another look, he walked out the door, which closed automatically behind him. Joseph hated not being told stuff because he didn’t rank high enough in the department yet.

“Stupid disembodied voice,” he said to himself, looking at the closed door. “Couldn’t even tell me what’s going on even though it was me who figured out it was a vampire attack.”

“You sound sad and frustrated.”

Joseph heard a familiar voice. He turned around and saw his friend Elisa. She was Joseph’s unofficial partner. The two had worked together while investigating a couple of crime scenes in the past. She had been working for the department for at least a year before Joseph joined.

“Yeah, I was just called into the white room for interrogation,” Joseph answered his brown-haired friend.

He had asked Elisa about the room when they became friends, but even she didn’t know any more than he did. Joseph even decided to ask Mr. Robert, but the answer he got was how information about the white room was classified and Joseph should focus on his work.

The only thing Joseph learned about it, during his time at the department, was how the white room—named so because of all the white marble—was where R.P.D. personnel were interrogated about any serious paranormal experiences they might have had while working on a case.

“I’ve never been in there,” Elisa answered as her gaze wandered to the door of the room Joseph had just exited. She then handed Joseph a cup of coffee she was carrying for him.

“Thanks,” said Joseph and he took a sip. “Trust me it’s better you don’t ever go into that creepy room. It’s weird answering to a voice when you can’t see who you’re really speaking to.”

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About the Author

T.L. West is an author of paranormal romance, mystery and fantasy. He enjoys writing characters that grow during the story and feel relatable to readers. His stories are a mix of romance, action, and danger. He’s been writing since high school. He has a degree is Human Genetics. Along with writing stories he also loves staying healthy, drawing, reading and taking the time out to relax. He likes maintaining his privacy. You can find T.L. on Twitter

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