9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do Online

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The Internet is full of weird and wonderful things, and you can do just about anything on it now, from chatting to people all over the world to starting a business within minutes. Most things that you can do online, people now know about and taking full advantage, people are doing their banking and shopping online and saving time and money. There’s a load of other things you can do online which you might not realize and could also save you plenty of time.   

Get A Hearing Test

If you are worried about your hearing, then it’s still important to see a professional, however taking an online hearing test on this website can give you an indication that your hearing needs some attention. Hearing loss happens gradually over time, and many people do not realize, so ‘it’s important to check it. If ‘you’ve been having trouble understanding conversations in noisy places or asking people to repeat themselves, then maybe take an online test first before you book an appointment with an audiologist. 

Find Your Ring Size

Not many people know their ring size, and they certainly don’t for all ten fingers, so when it comes to buying rings online, then it can be almost impossible for yourself and buying for other people. There is a website called FindMyRingSize.com, which helps you work it out using your driver’s license or a credit card and another ring for comparison. If you’re planning on buying a ring for someone, then just go and find another of their rings that you know fits them and get online. If you don’t have another ring, then there is a virtual ruler on the site which can help you. 

Eye Test

Just like with a hearing test, you should go and see a professional if you’re worried about your eyesight, however, if you feel that it has deteriorated lately or you’re just experiencing seeing things slightly differently then why not try taking an eye test online first to see what the results are. There are plenty of sites you can do this on and plenty of different tests you can take too. 

Find the Seat Map of Any Flight on Any Airline

While you can usually look at the seat map for your flight on the airline’s website, did you know that you can just go to one website and find them all? On SeatGuru, you can just type in the airline and flight number and voila, there it is. It can help you to decide where to sit, especially if you look at the comments because people will let you know if there are drawbacks to a particular seat and find out about legroom and armrests. 

Design and Print Your Own 3D Inventions

Since 3D printers came into existence, they have evolved and now mean you can pretty much make anything with them. Not only are there designs you can already get, but there are also sites which help you bring your own 3D ideas into reality. If you already have a design, you can upload it, and they will print it out for you.

Hire Someone for One-Time Tasks

Do you ever just need an extra pair of hands? Like someone to collect your laundry, walk your dog, or go out gift shopping for you. Websites such as TaskRabbit help you to find pre-screened helpers to complete one-off jobs for you.  It could be for anything, mundane or exciting, weird or normal. Have a look at the site and see what kinds of jobs people are willing to do, you might be surprised. 

Create Your Own Police Sketches

This is a funny one and a fun one as well. A website called Ultimate Flash Face allows you to create realistic sketches of people just like police officers do. If you’re a bit bored and fancy having a go, give it a try. 

Take Dozens of Free MIT Physics Courses 

At Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Department of Physics, you can get video lectures, notes, assignments and solutions on the Open Courseware site where you can learn everything from mechanics to astrophysics, just like MIT undergrads and graduate students, and all you have to do is pay your Internet bill. What’s not to love about that? 

Visit Older Versions of Almost Any Website

You might wonder why you’d like to do this, but honestly, when you think about how much has changed, it’s fascinating to go back and look at how the world wide web has changed. Have a look on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine which documents over 150 billion web pages from 1996 to just a few months ago. Just type in a web address, and you can go back in time and scroll through your favorite website.

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