8 Essential Men’s Fashion Accessories to Include in Your Wardrobe

A man’s wardrobe indeed is a work of art, reflecting their work ethics. The accessories inside separate the real man from the rest. It might sound impractical, but then when you have the appropriate accessories together, building your wardrobe is not a difficult task!

Fashion is always unpredictable. With the change of seasons, fashion takes a new birth. The trends fluctuate. However, style is altogether a different aspect. Despite the cyclic trends in fashion, some of the men’s accessories will keep you looking trendier. From buck-skin belts to wayfarers and pocket-squares, the men’s essential fashion accessories should help in framing the foundation of any successful wardrobe. 

The list of eight essential men’s fashion accessories will aid in keeping your wardrobe looking ‘perfect’ all-round the year.fashion1Pocket-squares and Ties

The more, the merrier! This idiom is apt for men’s tie or pocket-squares. It is always wiser to be a proud possessor of a lot of many ties or pocket squares. But then you have to be over-cautious while making a perfect choice. Still spend upon expensive ones, as they will compliment your expensive shirt or suit. There are many varieties available on the market, to help you in making a perfect choice. Plan to buy yourself a few solid color silk and woven ties. Pocket-squares generally come in pairs with the relationship, so you will not have difficulty in decision-making. Silk and linen ones give out a sophisticated look. But never try doing this fashion faux-pas, by wearing a silk tie and a silk pocket square!  Fashion rule says, they should never be from a similar material.


Do some expenditure on a couple of good-quality scarfs, to wear it during winters. It will be catering to the dual needs of keeping you warm, as well as trendy. Team it with a casual looking jacket or a pea-coat to enhance the whole look.


A good-quality leather belt can compare to an unusual pair of shoes. They both are durable and look elegant. Black and brown are the colors that successfully makes a difference, for the cynosures in the crowd. These color duos are impressive ones, as they easily match with most of your formals. Remember to compliment your brown leather shoes with a brown belt.  It is what is counted in the fashion world.

Money Clip

Want to carry  your cash quickly, while not stacking your trouser pocket with the over-sized wallet? A sleek and trendy looking money clip will solve your problem. Money-clips make it easy to carry cash, barring giving a dis-organized impression. Most up-and-coming men have the notion of creating an impressive aura in society. And they produce the same by taking money in clips rather than wallets. Thus, this modern-day fashion accessory is a must in your wardrobe. 

Shoes and socks 

Shoes, black or brown are a must as one of the vital fashion accessories in men’s wardrobe. You can choose between Brogues, Oxfords lace-ups or solid colored Derby. Later you can always extend your collection while adding Chukka-boots and moccasins. Invest in good-quality leather ones, instead of the artificial. The art of socks can be a bit tricky, even though known to be an eternal accessory in men’s fashion wardrobe. You have to have learned to select socks. The right color worn to complement the tone of your shoes, and cotton socks are the most high-rated ones in the men’s fashion world. Pair your shoes with socks to be the perfect follower of pure fashion. They will thus speak volumes about your fashion quotient.


Shades add style to your whole outlook, apart from protecting your eyes from the harsh sun-rays. Right from aviator to way-farers, you are free to choose the various designs readily available. They should be the foundation of your shades collection. But then, always choose wisely, as a way-farer will never go well with formal attire. A couple of good-quality and branded designs should rule your wardrobe, which you can pair according to your outfit. A classic aviator looks the best when worn with formals.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are the symbol of sophistication, utilized in carrying various essential items. Chic-looking men’s messenger bags go very well with their impressive looking outfit. Found in assorted designs and colors,  you have to take a stoic decision while buying one, which will compliment most of your great-looking attires.


For the past many years, a wristwatch is the fashion accessory that you can invest in while being the proud owner of an exceptional one. In today’s fashion world, men’s hand accessories have taken a new angle. Other fashion accessories showcased, apart from wristwatches. If you think to build your style statement, let your other wrist speak as well with mens beaded bracelets. These too come in various designs and patterns, ranging from casual to semi-formal and formal. You have all the avenues open to stack your wardrobe with a couple of branded, yet trendy-looking watch and bead bracelets. Plan wearing the same as per the outfit, or else your whole get-up impairs!  

Guiding light 

Being an owner of a wide assortment of accessories in your wardrobe is a compliment in itself. The add-on to the extra style-factor to your fashion. You can invest sensibly on the accessories, by keeping in mind their utility. Some odd times you can plan to buy inexpensive items, which you will be wearing on rare occasions. You can thus save money on these things and later invest in more significant clothing sets. There are a lot of things calculated when building a men’s wardrobe. Apart from formal or casual attires, fashion accessories have created a wave in the men’s fashion world. Do you feel of not being appropriately dressed for any special occasion or get-togethers?  The above-given list of eight essential men’s accessories should be your guiding light!

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