8 Essential Items to Pack for a Road Trip

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One out of every three Americans planned to take a road trip in the past year. Here are 8 essentials you need to have in the car when you hit the road.

  1. Cooler

No road trip is complete without a cooler in the backseat. There could be long stretches of road ahead of you where you may not be able to stop at a restaurant or a gas station for food. A cooler lets you keep ice-cold beverages and even heavier meals at the ready. Just lift the lid and enjoy macaroni salads, turkey sandwiches, or whatever meals you have packed. Just make sure to bring plenty of air-tight containers to store food in and stock up on ice whenever you can.

2. Sunscreen

No matter where you go, you will get sun exposure. If you’re heading for an outdoor trek or anything that’s not indoors, you are bound to spend some time under the sun. Unless you want to get sunburnt, you should bring a product that can protect you from ultraviolet radiation. Some sunscreen even has additional properties, like acting as a non-greasy lotion that whitens. Pack plenty of these for each person in the vehicle so you don’t run out.

3. Extra Prescription Medication

If anyone who is part of your road trip needs prescription medication, be sure to fill it up right before you leave for your trip. There may be areas of your trip where you won’t be able to stop at a pharmacy. If you can secure extra doses from your doctor, try to do so as you may find it more convenient than hunting for pharmacies. If you’re crossing state lines, be sure to research any relevant laws regarding prescription medication and transporting it weeks before the trip.

4. Power Bank

Mobile devices are now essential components of every human endeavor, especially travel. Phones allow you to pass the time, play music and navigate in case you suddenly lose track of the road. If you don’t have any car phone chargers, you should have at least two power banks with you. Keep these fully charged and ready to use at all times. They will allow you to keep your phone turned on even outside the vehicle.

5. Motion Sickness Medicine

Not everyone can handle traveling in a moving vehicle for long stretches of time. This can cause some serious motion sickness which will be unpleasant for everyone involved, especially in the confines of a car or van. If you don’t want people to start experiencing nausea, you should stock up on motion sickness medicine. Use these sparingly and keep a lot of them in your glove box just in case.

6. Car Slippers

Shoes are all well and good, but they can be very confining and uncomfortable if left on for a long time. You should insist that everyone in your vehicle bring a pair of car slippers. These will allow everyone to relax without having to go around in their bare socks and feet. Car slippers are also perfect for when you have to go outside but its muddy or dusty and you don’t want to sully your shoes.

7. Blankets and Pillows

Only one person has to be awake at any given length of time on a road trip and that’s the driver. Unless you want everyone else to be uncomfortable, you should stock up on plenty of pillows and blankets. Car seats can be comfortable, but people were not meant to sit on the, for extended periods of time. If everyone has a cozy neck pillow and a warm blanket, you’ll be surprised how much nicer a road trip can be. Check out the car seat pillow selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from the decorative pillows shops.

8. Physical Maps

There are locations that may be difficult to find on a digital map like certain off-the-grid communities. Or your phones, despite all precautions may die out. Or you may be driving through an area that has spotty internet accessibility. In all of these scenarios, you will definitely enjoy having a physical map to guide your way. Study these maps and mark out routes for your trip before you set out on your road trip for ease of reference.

Road trips are some of the most memorable and enjoyable types of vacations. With these items in tow, you can be sure your own road trip will be one for the ages.

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