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There are certain gemstones that have traveled across time. They were found ages ago and, since then, have been worn by every generation of women. Even if they were discovered relatively recently, their brilliance has made them popular with the jewel-collecting masses. They are the go-to-choice of every woman for a night out, for day-to-day outfits, for special occasions, you name it! 

These gemstones often add a nice polish to every outfit they are worn with. So, here we bring you the top 7 accessories made with these timeless gemstones that everybody wants and deserves to own! 

Tanzanite Pendants

Tanzanite Pendants 

Tanzanite is a blue-violet gemstone made from the mineral zoisite. It was discovered in the late 1960s in the Merelani Hills of northern Tanzania. Seeing it as a nice promotional opportunity, Tiffany and Co. named the gemstone after its place of origin, Tanzania. Since then, this stone has become the second most popular blue gem after sapphire. Depending upon the light, Tanzanite crystals show a variety of different colors, ranging from a velvety royal blue to violet and pale lavender. This often attracts the attention of its observers. 

Tanzanite is recognized as the birthstone of December and is often used in making jewelry items like rings, pendants, necklaces, etc. Tanzanite pendants have a charm of their own, and everyone must have them! 

Garnet Bracelets

Garnet Bracelets 

Garnet is a semi-precious gemstone that comes in a variety of colors including violet, orange, yellow, red, green, etc. It’s widely known for its reddish-brown color and is often associated with it too. It has been a popular jewelry gemstone for thousands of years after being discovered in the Bronze Age. It symbolizes confidence and courage. It is said to bring a sense of security to its owner and give protection against accidents.

Whatever time period it may be, garnet has been commonly used to make accessories like bracelets, earrings, pendants, etc. Garnet Bracelets would not only add a charm to your wrist, but they would also give a nice finish to your outfit.

Blue Zircon Rings 

Zircon is often cited as an inexpensive alternative to diamonds. It shares an uncanny resemblance with the latter but has a different composition. It is said to heal injuries and soothe the pain. It is also claimed to promote the union of mind and body, as well as increase stamina. The best quality zircon gemstones are mined in the beautiful country of Cambodia. Zircon occurs in a wide range of colors, including blue, yellow, green, gray, colorless, red, etc. Blue zircon combines a beautiful teal color with the brilliance of diamonds. For centuries, people have been charmed by zircon and have popularly used it in making jewelry pieces like blue zircon ring, pendants, bracelets, etc. 

Shungite Rings

Shungite Rings 

Shungite is a rare and lustrous black gemstone that is mined in the Karelia region of Russia. It is well-known for its 99 percent carbon composition. Shungite crystals are symbolic of purification and neutralization and are claimed to provide physical and spiritual protection. They are even claimed to have benefits like providing relief from stress, purifying water, EMF protection, etc. While shungite may be expensive, it has been in use for a very long time. Shungite jewelry adds a classy twist to your outfit. People often own shungite earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, etc. 

Amethyst Pendants 

Amethyst is the violet variety of the mineral quartz. It is cited as the birthstone of February and has been in use for almost 2000 years, making it a timeless and beautiful gemstone. It is not as expensive as other gemstones, making it even more popular among the masses. Amethyst crystals also have good durability, and they come in various shades of violet, like pale lavender, dark purple, etc. Amethyst is claimed to bring peace and serenity to its owner, and even improve physical health.

It has been widely used in making jewelry items. Pair your favorite amethyst pendants with a dress, or a pantsuit, or anything else you like and watch it work its charm. 

Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry 

Turquoise is a mineral that occurs in sheas of blue, green, yellowish green, etc. It is one of the oldest gemstones used in making jewelry. It attracts special attention in the gemstone markets because it is found in only a few places on Earth. It is largely mined in the southwestern United States, China, Chile, Egypt, Iran, and Mexico. It is the traditional birthstone of December. The word “turquoise” is often used to describe the blue-green color of the stone. Turquoise jewelry is very unique and stands out on its own. 

Emerald Earrings 

An emerald is a green gemstone made from the mineral beryl. It boasts various shades of green, ranging from yellowish green to dark green, depending upon the light. Because of this, the word “emerald” is often used synonymously with the color green. Emeralds are known to help with synchronizing mental and physical health. It is often referred to as the gemstone of spring, which is why it is the birthstone of the month of May. 

Emerald earrings can be easily used to make a style statement. While emeralds are a little expensive, the investment is surely worth it!

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