7 Sports You Should Try In 2020

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Want to start trying new things in 2020? Want to get healthier in 2020? Why not combine the two and make a bucket list of new sports to try. You never know, you might find a new passion in life, you might find the answer to shifting those pounds you’ve been trying to, or you might even make a new best friend. So think outside the box and start putting your name down for a few of these sports next year:

Paddle Boarding

It’s maybe a bit cold to do this, but you could always book a holiday and try it in a warmer climate. Paddleboarding is great for your abs, it’s a water sport and is a great way to start the day and the perfect new skill to learn for 2020. 

Martial Arts

Martial arts has tremendous health benefits and can get you in the best shape of your life very quickly. It is one of the most effective workouts available. It is the perfect catalyst for getting the most out of life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It teaches you to discipline yourself when it comes to making decisions on nutrition, rest, and recovery.

Ultimate Frisbee

Did you know that frisbee was an actual sport? If you’re really good at playing with your dog in the park, then why not find out if you can do it in a team? There are leagues and teams playing at all levels; there are rules and strategies and loads of fun to be had. Plus if you want toned arms, this is sure to do it.

Salsa dancing

This is a great way to meet people, and something that you’ll think is too sporty – even though it is a great exercise and whether you’re good or bad at dancing, a bit of Salsa is a really fun way to spend an evening.

Ice skating

A great winter sport and there’s plenty of places to do it during the colder months. Ice skating is another one where you’ll have a laugh, there’ll be plenty of falls, but the more you do it, the better you’ll get, and your legs will be toned! 


If you’re looking for an indoor sport to keep warm and dry then are loads of indoor climbing centres about, and if you get good at it and fancy taking your skill outdoors, then there’s plenty of mountains to try too. 


Enjoyed ballet when you were younger? This one could be just perfect for you, with a perfect mix of stretching and toning, it also helps with flexibility and balance too.


You have the choice to go to a trampoline park and behave like a kid for a couple of hours and enjoy playing in giant foam pits too. Or you could go to a trampoline session and learn how to tuck jump, straddle and seat drop. Either way, it’s a load of fun and will keep you fit too.

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