7 Simple Habits That Will Freshen Up Your Mood

Felicia Priedel
Felicia Priedel 4 Min Read

Sometimes staying positive and productive can feel like a struggle. You felt stressed from work, had an argument with a friend, or woke up feeling off; it’s normal to have days when you feel down. Luckily, there are small things you can do to uplift your spirits. Here are seven simple habits that will freshen up your mood and curb bad attitudes from sneaking up on you.

Watch a Funny Show or Movie

Laughter helps cool down your stress response system and gives you a relaxed and happy feeling. Laughter increases the dopamine in your brain. Try watching your favorite movies, television shows, YouTubers, or TikTok content creators to keep you laughing.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking a nice glass of water can influence mental health, promote good moods, and ease irritability. Suppose you are an avid coffee drinker or caffeinated tea drinker. In that case, it’s essential to keep hydrated with water because caffeine can send you into a hyperarousal state and make you irritable and on-edge. Next time you are feeling cranky, drink a cup of water to ease your mind and refresh your body. Try putting a water bottle on your desk or bed to remind you to hydrate your body.

Give Someone a Big Hug

Sometimes we need a hug. Getting a big hug can reduce feelings of loneliness, boost mental health, and release feel-good hormones throughout your body. If you can’t hug someone once a day, you should invest in a weighted blanket—the blanket is cozy, and the weight feels like you’re getting a hug from your best pal.

Cook Balanced and Tasty Meals

To be cliche, having a balanced diet can help lift your spirits. Changing up your cooking habits and eating healthier but comforting choices can cure a bad day. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally treating yourself to your favorite comfort food, but indulging in sugary, high-calorie meals can significantly affect your daily mood. Having a healthy relationship with food will result in overall health wellness.

Listen to Your Favorite Songs

Pump up the jam! Listening to your favorite, upbeat songs can improve your mood tremendously. Allow yourself to get lost in the music and dance if you want! Don’t be afraid to turn up the music when you’re feeling down because one song can make your day.

Take a Walk Around Your Neighborhood

Once a week or every day, you should walk around your neighborhood or town. You can walk around a local garden, your community, or go to a Zumba class. Participating in light or mild activity can lift your mood while you get in your daily steps.

Have “Me-Time” Once a Day

One of the simplest habits you can try to boost your mood is to carve out time for yourself. Use that time to journal or perform your favorite self-care practices while listening to your favorite songs or watching your favorite movie. Put your phone on do not disturb, and allow yourself to flourish in your own company.

Once again, it’s normal not to feel like “yourself” some days. Don’t sit in that funk forever; try out these seven simple habits that will freshen up your mood, and see which one works best for you!

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