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7 Popular White Dresses for Any Occasion

White dresses are wonderfully versatile. They can be dressed up or down to suit any event, from a night on the town to a casual day out with friends. Jewelry, shoes, hats and handbags of virtually any color can all be mixed and matched on this blank canvas.

Is your wardrobe missing a truly versatile dress for myriad occasions? Check out the following popular styles of white dresses for inspiration. You’re sure to find one that is totally “you”! (All photos were credited to online shopping website,

The Body Con Dress

Body con (short for body conforming) dresses make excellent cocktail or party dresses. This style will hug all of your curves, so it’s perfect if you want to feel confident and sexy. You can soften the lines somewhat by wrapping a scarf around your waist, letting it hang partially over the skirt. Or, wear it as-is to the club with your favorite bold, chunky accessories.

Body con dresses come in all sorts of styles of necklines and sleeves, or different designs around the body. The simple and modest body con dress depicted below is a great one to start with, and you can check it out here.

bodycon dress1 

The Shirt Dress

The bold concept behind the shirt dress combines the comfort of a loose-fitting shirt with the additional comfort of a dress. Unlike the body con dress, this style won’t hug your curves. It’s the perfect style to choose on a day when you just want to be comfortable, and it’s perfect for a lunch date with your bestie. You can easily pair a shirt dress with leggings or skinny jeans if you like, but thanks to the long hemline, including ample coverage in the back, pants are totally optional with the shirt dress!



The Shift Dress

Do you like the comfort aspect of a shirt dress, but want a more feminine cut to show off your features? The solution is a shift dress! These loose-fitting dresses are characterized by their whimsical, flowing style. You’ll feel pretty as soon as you put one on, because they are flattering on many different body types. Found in all kinds of styles, shift dresses generally have short skirts but won’t hug your hips.


The Skater Dress

Did you ever dream of being an ice skater? Here’s your chance to channel your inner ice goddess! Skater dresses are meant to mimic the fashions seen on the skating rink, namely short skirts with soft pleats and a body con design around the chest. Skater dresses make wonderful cocktail and party dresses, but the more modest styles, like this one pictured below, also make great day dresses.


The Long Sleeve Sweater Dress

Who says you have to pack up your dresses (especially your white dresses!) just because cooler weather is on the way? Stay cozy and comfortable with a long sleeve dress during the fall. In particular, choose a “sweater dress” for a heavier material that is sure to keep the chill at bay as you run errands or meet up with friends. These dresses pair well with leggings and boots, as well as chunky necklaces and bracelets. Like shirt dresses, long sleeve sweater dresses are typically loose and won’t cling to your body, although there are always some exceptions depending on the style of dress.


The Midi Dress

You’ve heard of maxi dresses, but how about midi dresses? The midi dress is so-called because its hemline falls to your mid-calf. It’s the perfect solution for those times when you want to show off a bit of leg, but don’t want to wear a short skirt. Many midi dresses are excellent for professional settings, but they are also available in various cuts and styles that make them more appropriate for festive occasions. For example, you might choose to wear a light midi dress with a generous side slit for a night out with friends.


The Wrap Dress

Think wrap dresses are just for bridesmaids? Think again! These “wrap dresses” give the appearance of fabric wrapped around your body and shoulders, but they are less versatile than the dresses of the same name that are popular among wedding parties. Still, these wrap dresses are perfect fun and flirty day dresses, with a casual style that works in any setting. However, they can also be dressed up into cocktail and party dresses with just a bit of careful accessorizing.


So, what is your favorite style? Do you have jewelry and accessories that you never wear because you can’t find an outfit to go with them? It’s time to get a couple white dresses! With so many styles to choose from, finding the right heels or the right necklace will be a dilemma of the past.

Cathy Habas is a professional freelance writer based in Louisville, KY. Her writing covers a range of topics, from health and home improvement to fashion and finance.

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Christina Marcella
3 years ago

Every girl needs a white dress in her wardrobe. The ones you have here are all very good. Thanks for sharing.

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