6 Ways to Create a Luxurious Feel to Your Home without Breaking the Bank

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Thinking about how you can add a touch of luxury to your living experience within your own home? 

Whether you just bought a new property or are looking to update the home you’ve owned for years, creating a high-end look doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

In fact, with just a few key changes, you can transform the look of any room. Here are six tips to get the ball rolling.

1. Declutter Your Existing Space

High-end, contemporary styles are often simple. To achieve that look in any room, start by clearing out anything you deem unnecessary. Declutter bookcases, clear off countertops, and make sure everything is fresh and clean.

Pro tip: While you sort through different items, consider what can be kept and stored away, what needs to be discarded, and what can be donated.

2. Add Crown Molding

Adding crown molding to your walls creates instant luxury by framing out the walls and creating the appearance of elegance. While this option used to be quite pricey, plastic, dense foam, and peel and stick options have since come onto the market,  allowing this design style to be a low-cost option to create a high-end look.

Pro tip: The wider the trim, the more luxurious the look.

3. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Even if you decide not to add crown molding to a particular room, the paint color you decide on can create the luxury feel you’re looking for at an affordable cost. Do you want bold, dramatic colors or understated hues? This is a great opportunity to let your personality shine.

Pro tip: In larger, more difficult-to-paint areas, stick with a neutral color so you won’t have to paint again if you later decide to change the style of the room.

4. Create a Focal Point

Whether the focal point in your room is a large mirror, fireplace, oversized flat-screen TV, or unique piece of abstract art, pick a focal point and frame the room around it. For the focal point, bigger is definitely better.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out the wide variety of abstract art Minted offers. Coupled with their high-end customer service, you’re sure to find a piece you’ll love to build your room around.

Pro tip: When adding artwork to your walls, choose gold or brushed silver frames to create a touch of luxury.

5. Create Drama with Window Treatments

Just like crown molding frames your walls, window treatments frame your windows. Add drama with bold colors or softness with sheer fabrics. Textured fabrics are also a great option. The best part about window treatments? They don’t have to be expensive and can also be easily changed to transform the look of any room.

Pro tip: To create the illusion of height, hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible and make sure the drapes touch the floor.

6. Know That Small Details Make a Big Impact

Keep an eye out for interesting pieces such as vases, candleholders, and lamps with crystal, marble, and gold accents or pops of color to add touches of luxury.

Pro tip: Garage sales, resale shops, estate sales, and Craigslist are all great places to find interesting pieces at affordable prices.

Make Your Home Look Luxurious on a Budget

Creating a luxurious look and feel to your home doesn’t have to break the bank. By making low-cost, high-impact statements such as decluttering, painting walls, and creating an artistic focal point, you can instantly update the look of a room. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for interesting resale pieces to add interest. And most importantly, have fun!

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