6 Easy and Fuss-Free Christmas Hair Styles

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And what better way to get into the holiday spirit than by trying out a new festive hairstyle? Whether you’re looking for something simple and elegant or fun and festive, we’ve got you covered with these six easy and fuss-free Christmas hair styles.

1. High Ponytail

This is a classic style that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. To achieve this look, start by brushing your hair back into a high ponytail. If you have fine or thin hair, you can use a volumising spray or mousse to give your hair some extra body.

Once your ponytail is secured, wrap a small section of hair around the elastic to conceal it. You can leave the ends of your hair loose or curl them for a more polished look.

You can add some Christmas-themed hair accessories, like hair tinsel or a festive hair clip, to really get into the holiday spirit! Hair tinsel is really easy to use and add – simply thread it through your hair like you would a ribbon.

2. Messy Bun

The messy bun is perfect for when you’re short on time but still want to look put-together. Start by spraying your hair with a texturizing spray to add some grip. Then, gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Next, twist your hair around itself until it forms a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Finally, tug at some pieces around your face to soften the look, and you’re done!

Add a festive touch to your messy bun by adding a holiday-themed hair accessory, like a jingle bell hair clip or a glittery headband.

3. Double French Braids

Braids are always in style, and they’re perfect for holiday parties or family gatherings. For this look, start by parting your hair down the middle. Then, take two small sections of hair from each side, and French braid them towards the back of your head. Secure the ends of your braids with an elastic.

You can leave your braids loose or tug at them lightly to create a messy look. If you want, you can also add Christmas-themed hair accessories. You could tie the ends of your braids with Christmas-coloured ribbons for a festive touch.

4. Hair Extensions

If you want to add some length and volume to your hair for the holidays, try using hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are a quick and easy way to achieve long, luscious locks.

To attach clip-in hair extensions, start by parting your hair where you want to place the extension. Clip the extension into place, and then use a comb to blend it with your natural hair. Repeat this process until all of your extensions are in place. You can style your hair however you like once your extensions are in.

Make sure you’re purchasing hair extensions that are made from high-quality synthetic fibres if you’re opting for synthetic hair extensions. And if you’re using human hair extensions, look for ones that are made with Remy hair. Shopping from a reputable retailer, like RiRi Hair Extensions, will save you the worry of ending up with low-quality hair extensions.

5. Sleek Topknot Bun

If you need a more formal hairstyle for a holiday party or family dinner, try this sleek topknot bun. Start by spraying your hair with a heat-protective styling spray. Then, use a flat iron to straighten your hair. Once your hair is completely smooth, gather it into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic.

Next, twist your hair around itself to form a bun, and secure it with bobby pins. Make sure your bun is tight and neat against your head. Finally, use a strong-hold hairspray or hair gel to keep your flyaways in place. You could use glittery bobby pins or a festive hair clip to add some holiday flair to your look.

6. Loose Curls

Always a good hair choice, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, loose curls are perfect for the holiday season. To achieve this look, start by spraying your hair with a heat-protective styling spray. Then, use a curling iron to curl small sections of your hair.

Allow your curls to cool before brushing them out with your fingers. You can leave your curls loose or pin back some front sections to create a half-up, half-down look. You could use a mermaid waver or a curling wand to create beachy waves instead of tight curls. Finish off your look with a spritz of hairspray to help your curls hold their shape.

Summary: Christmas Hair Styles for the Festivities

There’s no need to stress about what to do with your hair this holiday season! These six easy styles will have you looking festive without any fuss. So grab yourself an eggnog, put on some Christmas music, and get started on giving yourself a fabulous holiday makeover!

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