5 Ways to Incorporate 2000s Style Into Your Daily Attire

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When it comes to 2000s fashion, there tend to be strong opinions about which trends should come back and which should stay firmly away from the present day. Even though it has only been nine years since the end of the last decade, this year it seems that fashion-forward individuals and designers around the world can’t get enough of the strappy sandals, baggy jeans, and crop tops aesthetic.

Whether you are unsure about where to start with introducing 2000s elements into your wardrobe, or you are so excited and want some fresh styling ideas, then read on for five ways to incorporate 2000s style into your daily outfits.

1. Focus on the accessories.

The easiest way to start incorporating 2000s style into your daily outfits is through smaller pieces such as accessories. Not only can these seamlessly blend into your current wardrobe, but they also don’t require as much investment – making them the ideal way to start dipping your toes into this decade of style.

Hair clips are a massive trend that come in all shapes, colors, and styles, so you are guaranteed to find an option that suits your current aesthetic. Even Gucci’s current collection features a crystal Gucci hair comb.

Other 2000s accessory trends that you should look to wear over the next few months include Balenciaga hoop earrings (to channel your inner Jenny-from-the-Block), rose-tinted sunglasses, cowboy boots, strappy sandals (à la Kate Moss) and a Dior saddle bag

2. Create monochromatic outfits.

Do you remember how dedicated Destiny’s Child was to wearing matching outfits? This summer, look for the same dedication inside yourself (at least for one day) and embrace a monochromatic outfit.

Whether you opt for a bold red, a subdued yellow, one of 2019’s trendiest colors, or just the color that you feel most comfortable in, all you have to do is wear the same color from head to toe.

One of the best ways to make your monochrome outfit stand out is by sticking to one pattern and pairing it with pieces in a similar color. Alternatively, wear the same color but mix the textures to ensure the outfit remains interesting.

Generally, a suit in a bold color is the most effortless way to wear a monochromatic look in a contemporary manner. However, you can also include your favorite pair of jeans in a blue monochrome look. And remember, you can never go wrong with a chic all-black or all-white ensemble, too.

3. Embrace “ugly” chic pants.

There is no denying that one of the most practical trends to come out of the 2000s is the ugly-chic-pant trend which came in the form of cargo pants and baggy jeans.

While Britney and Jennifer Aniston were the primary aficionados of cargo pants back in 2003, there is a whole range of celebrities who are rocking this pant silhouette right now.

For a polished way to wear them, pair your cargo pants with a plain tee, a structured black blazer, and heeled sandals. Alternatively, for a more edgy ensemble, style your cargo pants with a tucked-in graphic tee and heeled mules.

Your other option is the relaxed, loose-fitting, baggy jeans that can be incredibly chic when styled with the right accouterments. Bella Hadid likes to pair her baggy jeans with a cardigan and white boots to ensure that she maintains balanced proportions and has a little bit of height. On the other hand, a sheer blouse and sophisticated pumps bring the right amount of feminine contrast to those oversized bottoms.

4. Be bold with your prints and colors.

While there were some aspects of 2000s style that were totally minimalist (strappy sandals and baby tanks and tees), there are others that were as bold as they come – particularly the dominant print and color trends, leopard-print and lime green.

Leopard-print pieces are, again, everywhere and are coming in 2000s appropriate forms such as satin slip skirts and printed bikinis. When it comes to wearing leopard print in 2019, opt for something a little different like a vibrant dress or a bucket hat.

If you don’t already have a bold lime green presence in your closet, then beware, there is a good chance that that will be changing very soon. Not only is this a popular 2000s color, but the cheery hue is perfect for the summer months. If you need to ease your way into wearing it, begin by purchasing a low-key piece such as a simple top or pair of heels.

5. Show a little (extra) skin.

On the flip-side to baggy jeans, there was nothing that women in the 2000s loved more than showing a little extra skin, thanks to crop tops and bodycon dresses.

Think short, tight bodycon dresses in which Victoria Beckham liked to strut around. How about the cropped top vibe of Keira Knightley at the 2003 Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl premiere?

If you don’t want to show everything off, consider throwing your baby tee underneath a pair of overalls to pay homage to your childhood style. Otherwise, pair your bodycon dresses and crop top and baggy jeans with strappy sandals, a hair clip, and a Dior saddle bag.

Are you considering incorporating any of these 2000s trends into your 2019 wardrobe? If so, which ones?

Do you have any additional styling tips to share with the community?

Let us know in the comments below!

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