5 Ways to Improve the Style of Plus Size Fashion

Today, plus size women are finally able to find plenty of clothes to show off their unique sense of style. Companies have come to realise that plus size women are a profitable market. However, while there may be more clothing available, clothing manufacturers still have a long way to go to improve the style of their plus size fashion.

Keep sizes consistent

There’s nothing more frustrating to a plus size consumer than struggling to find the right size. The truth of the matter is that sizes vary so vastly from brand to brand. A women may be one size in a certain brand and several sizes higher in another. This makes it difficult to shop, and sizing inconsistencies may also cause consumers to feel negatively about their body.

Trousers seem to be especially tricky to size correctly. Many plus size women struggle to find trousers that fit all of their curves without being too big or too small in another area. These sizing struggles also make it difficult for women to make online purchases without trying on the clothes in advance. Clothing brands need to work together to create a universal sizing guide.

Styles for all generations

The clothes you wore in your campus years are probably not the same style you want to wear as a middle-aged working professional. Styles change at different points in your life, and you want to find clothing for every occasion. Plus size brands need to offer a wide range of styles for women of all ages instead of just catering towards the young and the old. Perhaps creating styles for every decade of a woman’s life is the best way to do just this.

Make shopping easier

Plus size women know they cannot wear standard straight sizes. When shopping, they want to easily locate the section that is geared towards their body type. Stores should clearly separate plus sizes from the standard collections. Signage should be used to mark where plus size clothing is located. This streamlines the shopping experience and makes it easier for women of all sizes to quickly find clothing that flatters their curves.

Functional clothing

Clothes don’t only cover the body, but they should also be functional. Women love pockets. All trousers and jackets should come with pockets. Even skirts and dresses can benefit from some added pockets. Not every woman wants to carry a bag, so pockets are pretty much a necessity for many.

Not all pockets are created equal, however. If a clothing manufacturer is going to make the effort to add pockets, they need to be both deep and wide enough to actually serve a purpose. What good are pockets if you can’t even fit your hand inside? Fake pockets are completely useless and negate all function of the garment.

Larger accessories

Plus size women love to wear accessories. However, those available in the mainstream section are often too small. Rings and bracelets are not one-size-fits-all. Wrists and fingers come in many different sizes. The plus size consumer is looking to purchase accessories that properly fit their body.

Clothing brands that are making plus size fashion items should take advantage of the accessories market. Larger rings, longer necklaces and roomier bracelets are needed. Even shoes should be wider to accommodate a plus size foot. Placing larger accessories near the plus size section of a shop will ensure they are easy to find by potential buyers.

Body positivity is making a comeback, and plus size women are ready to flaunt their curves. While companies are seeing the potential of creating more plus size fashion items, they are still a long way from perfecting the market. These simple improvements are just what’s needed to give a brand monopoly over plus size fashion.

Stephen is a freelance copywriter for digital agencies and magazines. He writes for the home improvement and catalogues industries as a focus and reviews all kinds of deals available.

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