5 Signs You Need A New Career

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Are you feeling dissatisfied in your life and your career? Many people, especially the 25-34 age range, are most likely to feel unsatisfied in their career, while older generations are likely to feel their job is too stressful. But regardless of your age, changing your career path and doing something you enjoy will never be a wasted effort, no matter how old you are.

But what are the signs you need to make the move and get a new career? While interest inventories tests can help you to determine the right path based on your likes and interests to give you some options, identifying when the time is right to make the switch can be hard.

Every Day Is Monday

If you wake up each day with dread for what the day ahead holds, this might be your sign to get out while you can and find a job that doesn’t ramp up the anxiety at bedtime. While a case of the Monday blues is standard for many people ( a YouGov survey found only 17% of Brits are satisfied with their current job role), if you get a case of the Mondays every day, you need a new career.

You’re Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting has become a buzz phrase of late, and it essentially means you aren’t going above your basic duties at work. You do your job, but don’t put the added effort in. This disinterest shows you aren’t really happy. It can be things like not speaking up in meetings, taking more time off, not doing overtime, or not participating like you once did. If this sounds like you, is it time to reevaluate your career?

You Don’t Feel Challenged

Are you bored? Feeling under-utilized or chomping at the bit for a new challenge? This can speak volumes about where you are in your life right now and what you need from your career. While you can ask for additional duties or a new position within your current employment, if they can’t offer what you need, it is time to move on and find something that will push you and challenge you and allow you to get stuck in.

Money Doesn’t Matter

You might be getting the best salary possible or earning more than you ever have, but if the money isn’t making up for the lack of desire to do the job, then walk on and find something that makes you want to get up for a morning, not simply turning up for the paycheck.

You’re Exhausted

If you’re showing signs of burnout mentally and physically, it could be time to address why you feel like this and find a job that keeps you motivated and your brain active rather than wearing you out. There are many reasons why you might be exhausted, both physically and mentally. Your job is too stressful, and your workload is too much. You don’t get enough downtime to switch off, or you are physically on the go from the moment you clock into the moment you are off shift, or expectations are too high, and you are killing yourself to meet impossible demands. Whatever the reason and the increase in exhaustion is a sign, things aren’t as they should be.


It is never too late to find the right new career for you. The hardest part is taking the first step and finding out what it is you want to do and how to make the change. Once you have plans in place, the world is your oyster.

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