5 Healthy Ways to Start Your Day

Healthy habits can begin when we open our eyes in the morning. Changing our engrained morning habits can be a bit of a strugglem especially at first, but even small healthy changes can make us feel better. The best way to be begin with the healthy changes is right when we wake up!

Maybe you don’t exercise or perhaps you love fast food. We all have our vices, but we can work to make improvements and break those habits that we know are unhealthy. Don’t worry, embracing healthy changes is actually easier than you know! This isn’t about running miles or cutting out everything you love (unless your doc tells you to!) Instead, try to make little adjustments every day. Cut out bad habits and embrace healthy choices.

In this article are five ways to begin the day off on the healthy side of the bed.

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Eat Breakfast

You cannot skip breakfast. There’s a reason why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast helps our body prepare for the day; it fuels us. Skipping breakfast is like driving on empty: you won’t get too far! Don’t eat a sugar-high treat like donuts or sweet cereals. Instead, try avocado on toast and fruit or steel-cut oatmeal.

An Invigorating Workout

Before you jump in the shower, take a quick walk. If you’re a runner, go for a morning jog. Otherwise leash up your furry best friend (if you’re a dog owner) and head outdoors to give both of you some a.m. exercise. Exercise and a balanced diet are ideal for good health, so move that body. You also may enjoy yoga, pilates or even jumping rope.

Enjoy Down Time

Busy parents know that down time is rare and precious. Waking up a little earlier in the morning allows you to have some much-needed down time to sit and relax. Enjoy a longer breakfast or just sip your coffee and watch the news.

Think Positive

Every morning, try to begin the day with a positive thought. Maybe list a few things that make you grateful or happy. Embrace the positive to begin the day on a happy note.

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Don’t Hit Snooze!

Some of us are not morning people, but try to resist hitting that snooze button. An article by Slate points out all the reasons why hitting that button is horrible for you. Not only does the snooze button disrupt your sleep patterns, but it also might get you into bad habits. Instead of hitting snooze, try going to bed earlier. Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night. If you’re sleeping less than seven hours each night, it is time to adjust your bedtime!

Making healthy changes in the morning might inspire you to make more changes in your lifestyle. Start small, but begin first thing in the morning to embrace a better a.m. routine and healthier habits. Little changes can make a big impact, and our morning sets the tone and the pace for the rest of our day. Abide by your wake up call, eat breakfast, get some exercise and try to think of one happy thought each morning. And, of course, try to etch out a little time to just sit back and enjoy the quiet of the morning!

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5 Healthy Ways to Start Your Day
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