5 Easy and Quick Steps To Make Vodka Martini With Coffee Infusion

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The enticing fusion of bold flavors and the lovely olive skewed to the pick make every glass of martini a unique creation of pure bliss. Even though martini went through years of identity crisis addressed by names such as Postwar booze-heavy martinis or flavored Appletinis, the martini has managed to carve an edge in the cocktails menus that will leave a lasting impression in our hearts from the very first sip.

Merica bourbon– based cocktail sure is a lovely choice of drink to enjoy. But a martini is more than a drink, it is a feeling to anyone who has tasted it at least once. It can capture the essence and beauty of every ingredient that gets added to it and creates an individualistic palate that suits personal taste. A glass of martini could express the inner taste of an individual and honestly, this magic can only be possible with this drink.

As innovation made its way to cocktail bars we found a lot of profound artistic mixtures that gave us the liberty to enjoy liqueur in certain experimental forms. But with respect to martini people have completed a circle to come back to the starting point where they demand the authentic ratios of original martini recipes.

What’s the deal with Vodka Martinis?

This trend is particularly relevant to Vodka martinis that have managed to gather quite a fan following. You could be a fan of gin martini but you could never pass a vodka martini. In fact, many argue that there is a possibility vodka may not actually belong in your martini`s classic recipe. But how can you miss out a refreshing drink that transforms you to another world simply because it doesn’t fall in the original recipe?

Vodka blends gracefully in a martini like no other and opens the opportunity to add in more ingredients that can only make it better. Vodka can dilute the bold flavors of sweet or bitter without affecting the ABV. This makes the drink more pleasing and easy to enjoy. It never fails to give you a rush of flavors in a lovely consistency like in case of a patron silver cocktail that makes Vodka martinis even more special.

The olives destination in your martini glass was once in the place of lemon peel. Then with time olives in your pick evolved from 1 to 3. Eventually, additions such as blue cheese, caviar, hot pepper, pimentos also came to coexist with your martini picks that added colors and exciting flavors to your favorite drink. A recent game changer for vodka martinis is vermouth. If you made the effort to pick the right quality then your vodka martinis are going to be an absolute delight. You can mix them up at your home bar with ease and enjoy a royal drink. This way a drink that made its way to popularity through our favorite spy novel of James Bond is today the heart of every party.

Coffee makes everything better

If you are a loyal coffee fanatic who cannot imagine a day to start without sipping some delicious coffee, then you know what I mean. Coffee is a magical ingredient that can make any day, any situation better. It can make the after party hangovers vanish with a few sips. But can coffee go well in a standard cocktail? Well, when you taste your first coffee infused vodka martini you will know how this magical ingredient twists the fate of an already amazing drink to something ethereal.

The trend of coffee infused cocktails caught up faster than expected and yes, that is because coffee makes a lovely cocktail ingredient. White Russian, The roast and toast, Alive and kicking etc, serve a delicious mixture of coffee with the buzz of alcohol. If you can get the best drinks of the day combined in one glass who wouldn’t want to relish it?

The one thing so special about coffee infused vodka martini is how it gives you a swirl of every flavor you imagine in your drinks. The mildly bitter taste of the coffee gracefully infuses into the cocktail to pair with the tingle that a vodka leaves which is a match made in heaven. 

Choosing the right ingredients for a lovely Coffee infused Vodka martini recipe

Honestly, every bar will serve you a new variation of a vodka martini. This has made it is almost impossible to figure out the original recipe of this classic drink. The only way to enjoy anything close to a classic martini is by making the right choice of ingredients that will slip in the characteristic notes of the recipe into your drink. 

Picking the right Vodka

With respect to vodka, you can literally say we are spoilt with choices. Almost every flavored or unflavoured brand you try has such eminent taste and punch to contribute that picking one could be a difficult job. But here we will need to make the decision of choosing the one type that will bring back the nostalgic memories of a classic martini. A pure wheat-based vodka such as a Pinnacle Original will go a long way. When you take a sip of your martini with an absolute vodka it will be an ecstatic experience. If you want a more robust choice then a Pinnacle 100 will help kick in the flavors.

Purity is yet another amazing vodka to choose that has a very smooth and complex palate for you to rejoice. St. George has an elegant blend of fresh ingredients which will also be an amazing option for a gorgeous glass of Martini.  Choosing the right vodka will enhance the overall experience of having a Martini.

Choosing the right coffee

Often people tend to think that coffee is just a single flavor of its own. But honestly, the reason it infuses so well in a cocktail is that it has the ability to provide a platform for various flavors from fruity, nutty, floral, earthy etc, to come out in a bold way. By picking the right coffee you are building a strong base to express all the flavors in a wonderful way. Espresso is by far the best way to infuse coffee in a Vodka martini. It brings the original and direct flavor to the drink. Expresso being more concentrated will actually give you the real coffee taste rather than a mild touch of the flavor even after you add ice.

The next best choice if you cannot find a freshly brewed espresso would be instant coffee. If you have a particular brand of instant that you prefer then take a few spoons and dissolve it in hot water. Filter coffee should literally be the last option. Make an extra strong version of your usual brew so that it makes up for the lack of “crema”. If you can get hold of Sumatran beans then Voila! You are in for an outstanding coffee vodka martini experience. If not then any other coffee bean would work too.

The 5 simple steps to preparing your own delicious coffee martini

  • Always use a freshly brewed cup of espresso to enjoy your Martini. The aroma and flavors are quite in touch with the liquid when it is fresh and this way they get to stay when infused in your cocktail. If you have an espresso machine then prepare the set up for making a martini and brew just before you mix. If you have to buy some from a coffee shop then do not hesitate because you will reap the benefits of using it when you take the very first sip.
  • Having a coffee-flavored liqueur such as Kahlua could be a great way of enjoying the cocktail. But if you would like the martini to hold the natural aroma and flavor of the beans then stick to using only the expresso. Alternatively, you can try vanilla or chocolate flavored liqueur to fill your taste palate.
  • Take 2 ounces of Vodka and a double shot of espresso and add them to a pitcher filled with ice. Stirring is the best choice here opposed to blending so shake vigorously for about a minute. This would be a perfect cocktail if you are a purist when it comes to enjoying coffee.
  • If you like your martini to taste sweet, you can add some Irish cream to the mixture. Do not use vermouth in this case as these ingredients may not match well. You can also add orange or lemon flavored liqueur that will make it flavorsome with a sour touch to it.
  • Transfer the martini to a lovely martini glass. Garnish with orange or lemon peel and enjoy every sip.

With these 5 simple steps, you can enjoy an impeccable glass of coffee infused Vodka Martini in no time.

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