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If you’re thinking about investing in some new pieces for your closet, unless you have unlimited funds, you may have to make a choice between whether you want to spring for some of the hottest new styles or go for tried and true wardrobe staples that you can wear over the course of a few seasons. While we definitely recommend refreshing your wardrobe every season to take advantage of the latest and greatest trends (hello, adorable bike shorts and bamboo bags!), there are some trends that are fun to experiment with in the moment and some trends that actually stand the test of time. But with some pieces, you can actually have the best of both worlds, with items that are totally in-style and will still look on point this time next year (and the year after that, and the year after that).

Here’s our roundup of 5 chic trends for 2019 that you’ll keep on wearing, wherever life takes you!

The Classic LBD

The classic LBD is a wardrobe no brainer that will get you through a variety of occasions looking super confident, chic, and totally put together. Whether you are headed off to prom and want a dress that feels effortless and sophisticated, or are interviewing for a big internship or job opportunity, the right little black dress is infinitely adaptable and elegant.

The fun thing about shopping for an LBD is that each season’s styles will reflect that year’s trends, but in more subtle ways than wearing those trends on their own or combined with other trends (which can sometimes lead to outfit overkill). This means you’ll have a chance to try other trends like ruffles, sequins, cutouts, and sweetheart necklines while still looking timeless.

The other thing we love about the little black dress is that they are the perfect canvas for your favorite accessories. Going for more of a casual, rocker-inspired style? Rock an LBD with a pair of knee-high leather boots and silver jewelry. Want to channel Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Put on your favorite pearls and a pair of dark sunglasses and you have instant, chic appeal. Whatever your ideal look is, you can definitely achieve it with an LBD.  

trent szmolnik F5ae6ys2Mp8 unsplash A Chic White Blouse       

Fashion It-girls know the power of a white blouse will help you transform your wardrobe and take any outfit from ho-hum to crisp, pretty, and polished. There’s a blouse style for every personality, whether you prefer more boho-influenced looks and want to opt for a bell-sleeved blouse, or you adore the traditional white button-down paired with something slightly edgy, like that incredible moto jacket. Rock your white blouse with distressed denim for a cool artsy vibe while meeting friends for drinks, or combine it with a maxi skirt and layered gold necklaces for a romantic date night ensemble.

 Animal Prints

Animal prints are having a major moment in 2019, and we’re totally on board with this hot new trend. Though leopard prints seem to be everywhere all of a sudden, we definitely consider animal print pieces to be more of a classic, long-lasting trend that will stick around for quite some time. Why? Animal prints can essentially be worn as neutrals, with leopard print skirts pairing beautifully with a bright red blouse or your favorite jewel-tone heels, as well as that tried and true black v-neck t-shirt.

New to wearing vivid patterns? Here are some of our tips for rocking this style:

  • Invest in quality fabrics for a classy approach
  • Consider animal print accessories for a scaled-down look if you’re not used to wearing full-on prints
  • Don animal print shoes with your favorite dress
  • Keep jewelry minimal to avoid overloading your outfit
  • Stick with printed pieces, like dresses in classic silhouettes, for a sophisticated take

chris barbalis JC 5MaTi6nA unsplash

A Tailored Pencil Skirt

Like leopard prints, pencil skirts appear to be all the rage for 2019, and we think these figure-flattering pieces will be here to stay. This year we’re seeing plenty of stretchy, body-con pencil skirts that show off your curves—while offering to comfort of a stretchy waistband. This is another style that’s a cinch to dress up or dress down. Wear your pencil skirt with a plain tee and your favorite tank or t-shirt for an easygoing brunch-ready outfit, or glam it up with heels and a going out top for a more sultry evening look.

We also love the year-round adaptability of a good pencil skirt: Wear one with your best pair of heeled loafers and a cardigan in the fall, with tights, ankle boots, and a scarf for winter, or with strappy sandals for spring and summertime. Trust us on this one and stock up on a good knee length pencil skirt in a classic neutral color—this trend will help you create plenty of effortlessly cute, totally comfortable outfits for a long time to come.!

 Dark Wash Denim

Last but not least, where would any girl’s wardrobe be without an essential pair of jeans that make you look and feel amazing every time you put them on? Dark wash and black jeans have been a big part of the denim scene for 2019, and for good reason! Dark washes are the most flattering and can get you through almost any outfit scenario, from the first date at that cool cocktail bar to a casual Friday at the office.

While there are plenty of other amazing denim trends to explore (bell bottoms seem to be on their way back in, along with fun wide leg styles) we’d recommend you invest in a pair of slimmer cut jeans with a medium to high rise that will be comfortable and easy to wear with a variety of tops and shoe styles. From there, you can max out your wardrobe with lots of different tops and accessories whether you’re splurging or shopping on a budget.

Ultimately, shopping for and wearing trendy clothes should be a source of joy, not a source of stress, so wear things you love and things that make you feel good. Stick with that rule, and you’ll be well on your way to a timeless wardrobe that helps you put your best foot forward everywhere you go!

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