5 Accessories Every Man Should Own

One of the greatest things about men’s fashion is that simple is always on-trend. It is much easier than women’s fashion, which seems to change on an almost weekly basis. Trends for men were set many years ago, and those classic looks are still very much in style. Forget bright colors, textures, and loud patterns – classy and sophisticated shirts, well-fitting jeans, and a good suit are pretty much the pinnacle of a stylish man’s wardrobe. However, just like women, accessories can make or break an outfit, so here are the five accessories every man needs.

A good watch

You can tell a lot about a man by his watch, so a battered old digital watch is not going to cut the mustard, I’m afraid. No, a classic and elegant analog timepiece is the way forward and will go with everything from the most casual jeans and sweater outfit to your wedding best. It doesn’t have to be an expensive brand, although you can pick up a used Rolex yacht master for a reasonable price.

Good shoes

Shoes are, quite obviously, a fundamental part of any outfit, so a good pair of shoes is a must. Men don’t need a massive selection of shoes – a pair of original black Oxfords for your suit, a brown brogue for something a little less formal, and some clean, white sneakers or deck shoes for jeans. Keep a tin of shoe polish in your cupboard and do not, under any circumstances, go out with dirty or scuffed shoes. 

Leather belt

Understated simplicity is the best look of all, so leave the fuss and flounce behind and opt for a smart and simple leather belt. This will go with almost every outfit, but you should always try to match the color of your belt to your shoes. For a casual jeans and sneakers or deck shoes type outfit, a tan leather belt is usually a good look, especially if paired with a blue Oxford shirt.


Your tie really can make or break the entire outfit. Think of that guy in the office who wears a bright, novelty tie to work – it doesn’t look great, does it? No, don’t be that guy. Put some thought into the tie that you wear – it needs to ‘tie’ your whole outfit together, so make sure it is the right color, shape, and length. The tip of your tie should just about touch your beltline, and for width, it should be about the same width as the lapel of your jacket.


Finally, your wallet. Don’t pull a huge overflowing one out of your pocket – it looks crass and tacky. A slim, well-kept leather wallet is what you want to go for. Take out any unnecessary cards and receipts and just keep in the essentials.


Men’s fashion is easy. Think timeless, classic, and simple. Those are your golden rules when it comes to accessorizing. What do your accessories say about you?

5 Accessories Every Man Should Own

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