4 Tips To Ensure All Your Events Are Successful

Felicia Priedel
Felicia Priedel 4 Min Read

Being an event planner and coordinator is fun since you get paid to throw parties or find new ways to bring people together. But it’s still a lot of work, and there are things you need to do so the event goes as planned. Here are four tips to ensure all your events are successful.

Early Timeline

The early bird gets the worm.  If you’re an event planner who executes event management events, that is a motto you need to live by. The sooner you start planning your event, the better, especially with big numbers. Hosting an event with 500 or more people means you need to start the planning process four to five months in advance.

There is so much you’ll need to accomplish, and getting a head start will relieve some stress. You’ll need to find a venue to accommodate all those people, and you can face some challenges along the way. Jumping on things early gives you a chance to come up with a few backup plans.

Event Goals

What do you want to accomplish by the end of the event? When clients hire you as an event coordinator, they have a purpose for their event, but you have one too. Make sure your goals are aligned with theirs so nothing conflicts or creates friction.

Your vision should never clash with theirs—work hard to ensure all parties are happy. For every event, you should have a new list of goals because no one event is the same as another. Try to leave your mark differently while maintaining the integrity of your business.

Have a Checklist

You won’t get anything done without having a checklist! You’ll probably need multiple checklists because for every task there is a subtask. For example, finding a venue means you’ll need to survey several different locations.

For each location, you need to check if their timeline matches yours, if the sizing works, and how it fits with your budget. Next, you’ll need to consider the venue’s policy on food. Furthermore, if your event is outside, you’ll need a sanitation checklist to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

Form a Budget

For each of your clients, you’ll need to form a budget. For starters, you’ll have a flat rate fee for yourself, and then you might tack on extras depending on the specifics of the event. The client will more than likely come to you and let you know what their budget is.

You can also ask how set in stone that budget is and if there is wiggle room. Once they tell you their ideal budget, you’ll start to form your own plan to ensure you pull off the event they want without exceeding it. It might be tricky, but you’re a professional, and you can handle it.

All four tips are essential to ensure the success of all your future events.

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